Guest Posting Sites: Boost Your Business with Effective Outreach

guest posting sites
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Guest posting sites are an effective way to get your business seen by your potential customers and boost your authority in the search engines.

In the vast realm of online marketing, guest posting has emerged as a powerful strategy for building brand awareness, establishing authority, and boosting search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. By contributing high-quality content to established websites in your niche, you not only gain exposure to a wider audience, but also generate valuable backlinks to your own site.

In this guide, we’ll explore what guest posting is, its impact on SEO, how to find guest posting sites, and the art of pitching your guest posts effectively.

Are you constantly struggling to find the best guest posting opportunities? You want to start guest posting because you know it’s how you will

  • Build authority
  • Increase your domain authority
  • Attract a new audience to your business

Guest posting is a fantastic strategy for freelancers to build their authority and get leads for their freelance services. If you’re sat there scratching your head thinking what is guest posting. Keep reading this blog to learn what guest posting is, how it can help your freelancing business, and how to find guest posting opportunities.

Guest Posting Sites: Boost Your Online Presence with Effective Outreach

What is Guest Posting?

At its core, guest posting involves creating and publishing content on someone else’s website or blog.

This collaborative approach allows you to tap into an existing audience and promote your brand or expertise to a wider readership. The key element of guest posting lies in delivering valuable and relevant content that aligns with the host site’s audience and guidelines. By doing so, you can leverage the host site’s authority to enhance your own online presence and credibility.

Guest posting means writing and publishing a blog on someone else’s website or publication. The ultimate aim of guest posting is to raise the profile of your freelancing business, website, and or blog. From the publication’s point of view that you’re guest posting on, they are getting extra content. Content from a different perspective and bringing in a new audience.

Ultimately, what you gain from guest posting is attracting a new audience to your business and improving your website’s SEO.

Guest Posting and SEO

One of the most significant benefits of guest posting is its impact on SEO. When you contribute content to reputable websites, you have the opportunity to include links back to your own website.

These backlinks serve as a vote of confidence from the host site, signaling search engines that your content is valuable and worth ranking higher in search results. Moreover, guest posting allows you to target specific keywords in your content and anchor text, further optimizing your SEO efforts.

How to Find Guest Posting Sites

Finding guest posting opportunities may seem daunting at first, but with the right approach, you can uncover numerous sites that accept guest posts in your niche. Here are some effective methods to discover guest posting sites:

Conducting Google Searches

Use search queries such as “write for us,” “submit a guest post,” or “guest posting guidelines” along with relevant keywords to find websites actively seeking guest contributors.

First place and probably the most obvious place to find guest posting sites are on Google. Though if you just type in ‘guest posting sites’ you’ll get a whole range of guest posting sites from different niches. Some results not even being relevant to what you’re looking for.

Get the right search results by narrowing down your search to your specific niche. Let’s say you’re an SEO consultant wanting to do a guest post and trying to find the right opportunities for you. Type into Google:

  • ‘guest posting site’ + digital marketing
  • ‘write for us’ + digital marketing
  • ‘accepting guest posts’ + digital marketing
  • ‘contribute’ + digital marketing

Have a real play around with those search terms until you start getting the right results you’re looking for. If you’re not in digital marketing, just swap that term for your own niche.

get guest posting opportunities with social media

Social Media Networking

Social media is bursting with guest posting opportunities for you to take advantage of and build your authority. Engage with influencers and thought leaders in your industry on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Many of them share guest posting opportunities or can connect you with potential hosts.

Use social media platforms to find guest posts that aren’t a direct competitor but can boost your authority.

Online Communities and Forums

Participate in industry-specific forums or communities where bloggers and website owners gather. These platforms often have dedicated threads or sections for guest posting opportunities.

Ask Your Network

On social media, you already have built-up networks. If there are people in your network who are indirect competitors (same audience but not selling the same service) start a conversation with them.

Have a conversation, asking them if they are accepting guest posts on their sites. Ask them if you can email them a pitch for your own guest post. They’re already someone who is aware of you and likes you. Meaning that they are more likely to offer the opportunity of you submitting a guest post.

What do you do if you don’t have connections already?

Start building strategic connections. Strategic connections of people and brands you would want to do a guest post for. Then start building that relationship with these connections and keep track of it. You’re doing this as you want them to get to like you first before submitting any guest post to them.

The last thing you want to do is create a guest post, only to get rejected or worse still, hear absolutely nothing back. This does happen a lot and it’s not a nice feeling. Build relationships first before pitching any guest post to avoid these negative feelings.

Take Part In Blogging Communities

There are strong communities already out there with the aim of bloggers helping guest writers. This is a great way to get started especially if you’re brand new to guest posting and want to dip your toe.

Here are 4 blogging communities that you can become a part of:

  1. Blog Engage
  2. Do Splash
  3. Biz Sugar
  4. Triberr

Blogging communities help you to make new connections with other bloggers in your niche.

How to Pitch a Guest Post

Crafting a compelling pitch is crucial for securing guest posting opportunities. Follow these tips to increase your chances of getting accepted:

1. Research the Target Site: Familiarize yourself with the host site’s content, tone, and audience. Tailor your pitch to match their preferences and needs.

2. Personalize Your Outreach: Address the site owner or editor by name and mention specific articles or contributions that you enjoyed or found valuable. Personalization shows your genuine interest and attention to detail.

3. Highlight Your Expertise: Emphasize your qualifications, expertise, and unique perspective that you can bring to the table. Demonstrate the value you can offer to the host site’s audience.

4. Suggest Relevant Topics: Propose a list of potential topics or ideas that align with the host site’s content and audience. Be specific and showcase your understanding of their readers’ interests.

5. Craft a Concise and Professional Email: Keep your pitch concise, clear, and professional. Ensure your email is free of typos or grammatical errors and showcases your writing skills.


Guest posting presents a valuable opportunity to expand your online presence, enhance your brand’s authority, and improve your SEO efforts. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can successfully find guest posting sites, craft compelling pitches, and contribute quality content that resonates with your target audience.

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