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3 Places to find guest posting opportunities that build your authority

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Are you constantly struggling to find the best guest posting opportunities?

You want to start guest posting because you know it’s how you will

  • Build authority
  • Increase your domain authority
  • Attract a new audience to your business

Guest posting is a fantastic strategy for freelancers to build their authority and get leads for their freelance services.

If you’re sat there scratching your head thinking what is guest posting.

Keep reading this blog to learn what guest posting is, how it can help your freelancing business, and how to find guest posting opportunities.

3 Places to find guest posting opportunities that build your authority


Guest posting means writing and publishing a blog on someone else’s website or publication.

The ultimate aim of guest posting is to raise the profile of your freelancing business, website, and or blog.

From the publication’s point of view that you’re guest posting on, they are getting extra content.

Content from a different perspective and bringing in a new audience.

What you gain from guest posting is attracting a new audience to your business and improving your website’s SEO.

Use Google to find opportunities

First place and probably the most obvious place to find guest posting sites are on Google.

Though if you just type in ‘guest posting sites’ you’ll get a whole range of guest posting sites from different niches.

Some results not even being relevant to what you’re looking for.

Get the right search results by narrowing down your search to your specific niche.

Let’s say you’re an SEO consultant wanting to do a guest post and trying to find the right opportunities for you.

Type into Google

‘guest posting site’ + digital marketing

‘write for us’ + digital marketing

‘accepting guest posts’ + digital marketing

‘contribute’ + digital marketing

Have a real play around with those search terms until you start getting the right results you’re looking for.

If you’re not in digital marketing, just swap that term for your own niche.

Get networking on social media and find opportunities

The second place to find guest posting sites is on social media.

Social media is bursting with guest posting opportunities for you to take advantage of and build your authority.

Use social media platforms to find guest posts that aren’t a direct competitor but can boost your authority.

Here’s how we find guest posting opportunities on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Ask your network

On social media, you already have built-up networks.

If there are people in your network who are indirect competitors (same audience but not selling the same service) start a conversation with them.

Have a conversation asking them if they are accepting guest posts on their websites.

Ask them if you can email them a pitch for your own guest post.

They’re already someone who is aware of you and likes you.

Meaning that they are more likely to offer the opportunity of you submitting a guest post.

What do you do if you don’t have connections already?

Start building strategic connections.

Strategic connections of people and brands you would want to do a guest post for.

Then start building that relationship with these connections and keep track of it.

You’re doing this as you want them to get to like you first before submitting any guest post to them.

The last thing you want to do is create a guest post, only to get rejected or worse still, hear absolutely nothing back.

This does happen a lot and it’s not a nice feeling.

Build relationships first before pitching any guest post to avoid these negative feelings.

Take part in blogging communities

There are strong communities already out there with the aim of bloggers helping guest writers.

This is a great way to get started especially if you’re brand new to guest posting and want to dip your toe.

Here are 4 blogging communities that you can become a part of

  1. Blog Engage
  2. Do Splash
  3. Biz Sugar
  4. Triberr

Blogging communities help you to make new connections with other bloggers in your niche.

In A Nutshell,

Guest posting sites help new and established freelancers to build authority and gather warm leads for their freelance services. Find guest posting opportunities using these 3 places. Build strategic relationships, create original content, and pitch the blog piece. Building warm relationships helps you to get higher acceptance rates for your guest posts.

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