GetResponse Review for Beginners

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$42 is earned for every $1 spent on email marketing according to Litmus. GetResponse is a low-cost email marketing software that enables you to start making this type of revenue. Even if you’re a total beginner to email marketing, then this GetResponse review will help you to learn what you get from it.

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Low GetResponse cost starting with a 30-day free trial


Get Response has a free 30-day trial for you to take advantage of before you commit yourself to any of the 4 pricing plans.

Get Response Review pricing table

Your basic pricing plan for GetResponse

The Basic GetResponse pricing plan is the most simplistic plan and the one plan that we’ll focus on in this GetResponse review. Under the basic plan for $15 a month you get

  • List size of 1000 subscribers (price changes if you have a bigger list)
  • Create an autoresponder
  • Build unlimited landing pages
  • Develop a marketing funnel
  • Build unlimited lead funnels
  • Facebook Ads
  • Sell e-products

Create landing pages that convert

Landing pages are pages on your site designed to convert visitors into leads..

It’s different from other pages on your website. Has a form allowing you to capture a visitor’s information in exchange for the desired offer

You probably have seen landing pages multiple times just as a consumer yourself.

Facebook Ads are notoriously attached to a landing page. So when you click on the ad for a webinar or free eBook for example, you’re redirected to a landing page.

A landing page where you have to give your email address for the information being offered.

In this GetResponse review, you can take a sneak peek look here at the landing page templates that are available when you sign up to GetResponse.

Get Response review landing pages templates library

Templates that are available in GetRespons’s library cover different seasons, holidays, and product offers.

Choose your template or create a landing page from scratch and put your brand, your sales message on, and publish it to start building your email list.

Start building your landing page with your 30-day free trial of GetResponse here.

Simple auto responders that sell

AutorespondersĀ are simple effective email marketing tools. Allowing you to send a series of scheduled follow-up emails to your email list. Autoresponders are an essential part of GetResponse, this is why it’s included in the GetResponse review.

Get Response review autoresponder

They’re very useful in

  • Welcoming a new subscriber
  • Sending a tutorial (1 lesson in each email)
  • Promoting a product or service

You can easily set up an autoresponder by adding autoresponders and choosing the list you want to send it to. Though schedule when you want the autoresponder to start and how it should be drip-fed.

Build an affordable marketing funnel with GetResponse

Next in the GetResponse review are marketing funnels. The purpose of a marketing funnel is to attract leads and convert them into buyers through a series of offers.

A series of offers going from a free offer to a high-cost offer. All of these offers seamlessly interconnect with each other. Interconnecting by getting deeper and deeper into the customer’s pain point and desires.

You may have heard of it being called a sales funnel. But however you have heard of it before, it still has the same purpose.

To create a marketing funnel on GetResponse you need to

  1. Create your landing pages for each stage
  2. Have a Facebook Ads campaign
  3. Build an autoresponder for each stage of the funnel
  4. Upload any digital products so when a customer buys your product they get instant access
  5. Have a pricing strategy for each stage of the funnel

Still not sure about how marketing funnels work. Take a look at McDonalds as they master the marketing funnel. You order a Big Mac, they ask if you want to upgrade to a meal.

You say no so they come back and say would you like a drink with your Big Mac.

Constantly, they’re trying to upsell or cross-sell you another product. Even though they are all low-priced products and in about the same price range, this method is being used everywhere.

Start building your own marketing funnel with your 30-day free trial of GetResponse here.

Lead funnels for freelancers and other service providers

As a freelancer, you’re probably more interested in generating leads to sell your services too. This is why lead funnels is for you.


With a lead funnel, you’re capturing leads and then distinguishing whether they’re a bad lead or a good lead.

Plus also you can add tags to where they are in the relationship being built. From these tags, you can send out specific emails relevant to the lead as to where they are in the relationship.

Setup Facebook Ads with GetResponse

To start building your email list with GetResponse, you need to drive traffic to your landing page. A very effective method for driving traffic is with Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads integrates with GetResponse so that you can seamlessly connect your Facebook page and Instagram account.

In A Nutshell,

Well, that’s it. If you’re a total beginner to email marketing and marketing funnels, then GetResponse will help you get started. If you fancy giving GetResponse whirl, here’s a 30-day free trial.

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