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how to get your first 10 clients from Facebook
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Discover the untapped potential of Facebook to find high-paying clients and skyrocket your freelance career. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of leveraging Facebook to secure your first batch of paid clients. Say goodbye to the days of struggling to find clients, as we unveil a proven strategy that gets you results quickly.

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Facebook may have faced competition from new platforms, but it’s far from dead. With a staggering 2.91 billion active users, it’s a treasure trove of potential clients just waiting to be discovered. Don’t underestimate the power of this platform. Embrace this often overlooked strategy to grow your online business and secure high-ticket clients.

To make the most out of Facebook, you need to be strategic. It’s not about randomly posting and hoping for the best. Instead, develop a well-thought-out plan that aligns with your goals. By honing your strategy, you’ll set yourself up for success and attract those high-paying clients you desire.

As a new freelancer, the thought of acquiring clients may seem like an impossible mission, leading you to contemplate offering your services at rock-bottom rates. However, that’s not the path to success. Your time and expertise are valuable, and it’s essential to price yourself accordingly. Instead, focus on creating rates and packages that are attractive to clients while reflecting your worth. By doing so, you’ll pull in clients instead of scaring them away.

Now it’s time to put your plan into action and start finding clients on Facebook. Showcase your skills, build trust, and deliver value. You’ll establish yourself as the go-to freelancer in your niche. Say goodbye to competing with other freelancers, as your clients will have no reason to look elsewhere.

Facebook isn’t just a platform to find clients; it’s also a potent tool for promoting your online business. By strategically promoting your services and boosting your brand awareness, you’ll position yourself at the top of the sales funnel, attracting clients effortlessly. Discover the marketing strategies that will take your business to new heights.

Guide To Get Your First 10 Clients On Facebook Fast

Build A Facebook Business Page That Attracts Clients

Over 200 million small businesses have a Facebook page. These businesses understand Facebook pages’ are a useful tool for attracting customers to their business. Therefore, if you don’t have a Facebook page, you’re missing out on building that customer base.

Having a Facebook page for your business helps your customers and that’s what you need to be doing before you start getting clients. Start getting clients by letting them get to know, like, and trust you before they buy from you. Even if that sale is to sign up for your email list, they still need to build that trust.

Now we know why we need a business page, it’s time to start creating one. Create a page on Facebook by going to Pages, and click create. On the following screens you’ll be asked to choose the name and category. What name and category you choose will depend on if you’re choosing a personal brand or business brand.

How To Create A Facebook Page

create a facebook business page on social media to get clients fast

If you’re creating a page for your freelancing business, you may want to create a personal brand so the name is your name. If however you’re creating a business brand for an eCommerce store, then you’ll want to choose a business name.

Next, you’ll be asked to fill out the important information. Important information including:

  • General information or bio
  • Contact details such as website, email, and phone number
  • Location
  • Hours your business is open

Now that you’ve got your basic details set up for your business page, you want to design it. If you’re not a graphic designer, here’s a great free tool that you can use Canva. With Canva, you can create a Facebook page header and use anyone of their templates or create your own from scratch.

Your Facebook business page is set up for you to attract high paying clients. Now you need to knwo how you’re going to get followers and likes. Followers and likes on your Facebook page are what’s going to propel your business. Without this engagement, it’s a tick-boxing exercise for your off-page SEO. But you want clients from your business page, so let’s start finding those clients.

Get Likes For Your Facebook Page

get likes on facebook

Facebook likes are your fans on Facebook. The more likes you get, the more credible your business looks to customers. Which is more credible: the business with 10 likes or the business with 10,000 likes?

Naturally, to make your business look completely credible, you need engagement with your content. Without this engagement, it looks like you could have just bought a load of bots and you will not get clients this way on Facebook. 

But you’re not interested in buying likes, you know that doesn’t work. So here’s the top methods to getting likes for your page.

First method is to invite people to like your page. I’m not talking about asking you friends and family for likes, don’t worry. Instead, whenever someone engages with your post, you can invite that person to like your page.

To do this, click on the post engagements and you’ll be able to instantly invite people to like your page. If you’re not getting that many reactions or comments on your content, start creating 

These tend to get a lot of reaction, so you’ll get a large pool of people to invite to like your Facebook page.
Another method is by doing cross promotion. If you’re active on another platform or have a website, you can promote your page there too. There’s nothing stopping you from adding links on your website, social media pages, or even email marketing campaigns.

Create A Professional Social Media Presence Fast With Zero Budget

Optimize Your Facebook Profile

Your Facebook profile is where people you meet on groups go to find out more information about you. From there they decide if they should trust you or not.

First thing anyone will see when clicking a group members profile is their picture and cover picture. Here’s what you need to do for making sure you get the trust on first appearances.

Profile Picture And Cover Picture

What would people think of you when they look at your Facebook profile for the first time?

Even if your profile privacy settings are switched on, they can still see your profile and cover picture. This is where you’ve got to think about what first impression you’re making. Is your first impression

  • A picture of you on a night out with friends
  • You looking polished and friendly

Now your Facebook profile picture doesn’t need to be a LinkedIn corporate picture. Although you do want a clear picture of you, smiling, and looking polished.

Write A Facebook Bio That Converts

Another important aspect of your Facebook profile is your bio. Like your LinkedIn heading, make sure that your bio is optimized and clearly shows

  • Who you are
  • Who you help
  • How you help them

Use that standard line of ‘helping x do y so they can z’. This gives clarity to the potential client to see if you’re a good fit and will want to work with you

Add a call to action so people click on your link to your website or landing page. Moving them further up the sales funnel and become your first or next client.

For example, book a 15 min call or get an audit. This’ll help you see if you can work with this client and how you can help them.

Top Deadly Mistake To Avoid In Your Facebook Profile

Using Facebook groups to get clients, you don’t want to make any mistakes. If you’re joining a group using your Facebook page, don’t make this deadly mistake.

Deadly mistake of having a Facebook page that’s just filled with buy from me content. Have a content strategy that makes you human and adds your personality whilst solving your target market’s pain points.

Join Facebook Groups Strategically To Get Clients

choosing which social media group to use

When Joining Read The Group Rules

Whenever you ask to join a group, more often than not they’ll ask you to agree to their rules. Your automatic response is ‘yes of course I agree’.

Seriously, do people actually think no I don’t agree with the rules and still going to get in?

After being accepted into the group, read the rules, or you’ll find yourself kicked out. Read the group’s rules and you’ll learn about when you can be self-promotional, threads they have, and the group’s culture.

The best way to promote yourself on Facebook groups is to abide by the rules and be an active participant.

You should of course use self-promotional threads. This is how people learn precisely what you do and how you can help them. But don’t only post on these threads and nothing else otherwise. If you do you’ll be seen as a spammer which you don’t want.

Don’t be seen as a spammer that only cares about themselves. Show you care about the other group members by actively responding to posts.

Once people get to know you through the group and build that all-important trust, they become intrigued. Intrigued to learn more about you and to get to know you better they preview your Facebook profile.

Find 3 – 5 Strategic Groups

When joining groups, only join 3 – 5 strategically so you can truly build trust and not get overwhelmed by them.

So which groups should you join?

There are two types of groups that you can join as a freelancer.

  1. Targeted for freelancers to join
  2. Your target market

Groups Targeted At Freelancers

Firstly, there are groups that’s targeted for freelancers to join. These can be job post boards or for freelancers to network and learn.

When searching for these groups, make sure that they’ree filled with like-minded people. Many times I am searching for the right group and when one sounds perfect, it’s not. It’s filled with people that are not like-minded or specifically targeted at a different country or continent.

Find the right freelancing Facebook group and you’ll get an abudance of leads for you to get clients.

Facebook Group With Your Target Market

Second type of group is the one with an abundance of your target market. Here’s 2 different examples of how this works.

Your freelancing business helps personal trainers generate new leads. Find groups for personal trainers who want help with their marketing. Be active in these groups offering your advice in marketing, build relationships, and get seen as the go-to expert.

If your service is based around helping people with a tool such as Kajabi, find groups for this tool or course creators who use this tool. Do this and you’re in a group with lots of people who need your help. Again, be active by offering your advice, build relationships, and be the go-to expert.

get clients workshop so you land clients on Facebook

When searching for groups be very specific with your keywords and not too broad like digital marketing as that would get you way too many results.

Be focused in your research for which groups to join.

Give Value Consistently

Once you’ve joined the groups, you need to take this important step. Turn on the notifications for the 3 – 5 groups, and respond to each of the posts that are made when people are asking questions.

Give value in your comments, nothing self-promotional or one word with an emoji. Instead, give value and show you know what you’re talking about. Come from a place of wanting to help people, don’t come from a place of seeing dollar signs.

People are less likely to see you as a credible source when you come in with the selling first mindset. When you see someone struggling, put together quick wins, and don’t ask for anything in return. Especially not a click to my website or landing page, this will turn people straight off you.

When your answering questions, typically it’s from people only wanting free stuff that’ll never buy. But what you got is exposure to someone who’s seen your comment.

This person is your next client who has money but no time to implement your help. After looking at your profile, they’ll join your funnel, and will buy from you. What they need from you whilst lurking in the group is to build trust in you.

If you see a question, in your comment ask them a question in return to learn more about their struggle. You never know who else is looking at your comment, it could be your first client. Do this consistently to start seeing results.

Create a schedule to answer questions at a set time, or just respond to notifications whenever you see them pop up.


Don’t let the struggle of finding clients hold you back from your freelance dreams. With the power of Facebook groups, you can unlock a world of high-paying clients eager to work with you. Follow our proven steps, develop your strategy, and start engaging in Facebook groups today. Get ready to witness your freelance career soar as you attract clients, build trust, and achieve your income goals. It’s time to tap into the goldmine of Facebook groups and unleash your full potential.

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