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Best freelancing websites for beginners

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Freelancing websites are where new freelancers get clients. With freelancing websites, you learn the art of pitching and negotiating whilst building up your own profile.

When you’re completely new to freelancing you don’t have a profile as a trusted freelancer and it can be totally overwhelming. Overhwelming deciding how you’re going to get clients.

Without getting clients, you don’t have a freelance business but a dream.

Dreaming about becoming a six figure freelancer doesn’t pay the bills. But getting going in your freelancing journey with these 3 websites will get you started in the right direction.

According to Statista, there are 4.18 million self-employed workers in the United Kingdom. Due to the pandemic of 2020, people saw that they don’t have great job security with businesses collapsing or that they can do the same job but from home.

This has led to what is being called the great resignation and that people can make a full time living selling their skills online.

In this blog, we’ll look at the best freelancing websites that I used myself to kickstart my freelancing career.



Start making money straight away selling your freelance services with Fiverr.

freelancing website Fiverr

It’s often a common misconception that you can’t make much money with this freelancing website. In fact there are freelancers raking in 6 figures selling their services on this platform.

To get started with this platform, set up an account, create a profile that’s optimized for your keywords, and develop gigs to sell your services.

There’s no job board for you to constantly bid on projects. No clients, come to you. You can literally setup your Fiverr account today and get clients the same day.

But to make sure that you get clients, you can of course pitch to clients on your social media network.

Check out my Fiverr tutorial here on how you can get started on Fiverr within a day.


Upwork is another fantastic freelancing website for freelancers who are total beginners.

freelancing website Upwork

You simply create a profile and then when you’re accepted by Upwork you can pitch for jobs.

Pitch for jobs on this neverending feed of jobs from business of all sizes. Just make sure you filter down your search til you get the exact job you’re a match for.

When you find a match, you pitch. To pitch on Upwork, you need to have enough credits to send a proposal.

So to land clients on Upwork, make sure that you master the art of writing a winning proposal for Upwork.

Whenever you pitch for a job, make sure that the job is also going to be worth your time to do. Don’t just always settles for bottom dollar jobs because you’re new to the platform.

You’ve got the skills and expertise that the client needs, so make sure you charge what you’re truly worth.


PeoplePerHour is a platform where you can post what services you offer and pitch for jobs on the job board.

freelancing website for beginners peopleperhour

To get going with PeoplePerHour, signup and create a profile that’s keyword rich. These keywords are very useful especially if you’re just going to post services you offer.

When a client or “buyer” makes a job post, they can then also use PeoplePerHour’s AI technology. AI technology to invite the most relevant freelancers to apply.

So when you create a profile and post some offers, ensure they’re keyword rich. Doing this will increase the amount of invites you’re likely to get.

The other part of PeoplePerHour is the job board. You can apply for jobs in your niche. But beware, every application you make takes away some proposal credits.

Make sure that the job is the perfect match and it’s worth spending those proposal credits.

To get the job, write a winning pitch and make sure that you’ve got a portfolio that shows off what you can do for the client. Really bring the wow factor and leave the client thinking, ‘I need this freelancer’.

In A Nutshell,

With these 3 freelancing websites, you can kickstart your freelancing career and truly learn the art of pitching and negotiating. But to help you get started writing a winning pitch, check out this guide to how I write pitches.

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