How To Relax As A Freelancer

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When it comes to working for yourself, one of the hardest things to do is switch off. It is hard to often separate your home and working life as you can be working from home or have a constant reminder of work that needs to be done. Plus when you work for yourself you can sometimes be worried about when the next job or order is going to come in. However, there is so much flexibility and earning potential that the pros can outweigh the cons. But, relaxation is something that everybody needs, even more so when you work for yourself. Filling up your cup will only benefit you in the long run. So here are some of the best ways to relax when you are a freelancer. 


This may sound counterproductive but exercising is one of the best ways to feel more like yourself. Going out for a walk with the dog, a run with your headphones in, or even attending a gym or exercise class can be a great way to encourage relaxation. Your mind and body will be tired, which will then let you relax in an evening. Plus the endorphins are the perfect way to clear your head after a busy day working. 

Online games 

Gaming is a great way to relax and there are so many ways that you can do it. You can look at online gaming where you use a games console, look at downloadable games on your phone or tablet, or even look at online casino games where you can have a flutter. Places like Paybyphonecasino is a great option to look at. Gaming and playing online will help you to focus your mind on other things and can have you sitting still, which will encourage relaxation. 

Self care

Run yourself a hot bath, spend time on your skin care routine, have a hot shower, and maybe indulge in some things like self tan, your nails, and your hair. These things can also be a form of relaxation as you focus on one task. It can also be a great way to boost your mood and help you to feel more like yourself. When you work hard, it can be easy to let other areas of your life slip away. 

Read a book

Reading is one of the best ways to relax and unwind, and is the easiest thing that you can do if you want to try and switch off. Grab a book or even a magazine and get comfortable in your favorite chair or on the sofa. Snuggle up and let your mind focus on the words on the page. You will notice you start to relax and unwind from the stresses of the day. 


If you really struggle to switch off then meditation could be the answer. You could look at guided meditations if you have never done it before. It means you focus on your thoughts and breathing and clearing your mind. You can do this at any time of the day, but the morning or the evening before bed are two great times to consider. 

Let’s hope these tips help you to relax as a freelancer.

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