5 Tips To Get Freelance SEO Jobs

get freelance SEO jobs
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Search engine optimization (SEO) is what businesses who have an online presence need to do in order to drive more customers to their website. With everything being online, freelance SEO jobs is a hot career right now.

Before you jump in and start getting freelance SEO jobs, read through this list so that you become the go-to freelance SEO consultant to go to.

  1. Understand The Basics
  2. Get Certified
  3. Utilize LinkedIn
  4. Build A Website
  5. Get Your Foot In The Door

How Do I Become A Freelance SEO Consultant

Become A freelance SEO consultant by creating your own website and showing that you can pull in the traffic that then converts.

When you have this evidence as proof of your ability at doing SEO, then you’ll find clients a lot easier.

After finding freelance SEO jobs that fit your niche, demonstrate your ability at SEO by using your own website as evidence.

Does SEO Pay Well?

The average SEO professional earned $81,103 in 2018, which is up from 2017.

Agencies and freelancers are paid an average $1,779 per client each month, up $109 in a year.

Freelance SEO Jobs - does SEO pay well

Even though these statistics are a few years old, they show that there is significant growth. Growth in demand for a freelance business with SEO skills.

As the current climate shows that having an online presence is ever more needed. With the demise of bricks and mortar retail giants in 2020 who’ve struggled with generating online sales. Having an SEO expert is needed.

Therefore companies are paying for SEO experts and a whole host of freelance SEO jobs are appearing everywhere.

Just do a quick Google search for freelance SEO jobs. You’ll be inundated with a whole host of job boards posting SEO job openings.

5 Tips To Get A Job In SEO

Freelance SEO jobs can be very profitable for your freelance business. But follow these 5 steps so you start on the right note as an expert in SEO.

#1 Understand The Basics

Before applying for freelance SEO jobs, you need to understand basic marketing and SEO.

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Link building
  • Keyword research

To help you with your understanding, getting certification will help you even further.

#2 Get Certified

There are many places offering certifications in SEO. To have a profitable freelance business, you need to weigh up the options as to which is the best for your hard-earned money.

But these 3 places are the most impressive offering.

Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage is an extensive course, covering digital marketing holistically.

Browse the modules yourself in this free course offered by Google. Giving you a fair understanding of digital marketing.

Moz Academy

The Moz Academy SEO Certification will give you the foundational knowledge you need to execute on common SEO projects.

This course consists of over 5 hours of video content, quizzes, and includes a final exam.

Upon completion, you will receive a printable certificate and a LinkedIn badge.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is jam-packed with practical, actionable educational material for online learners.

The materials are applicable both for the beginning and intermediate learner and the focus is largely on job skills.

It’s a good platform for those hoping to become fluent in specific job-related software platforms.

#3 LinkedIn

With over 260 million active users on LinkedIn, LinkedIn is the place to find freelance clients and get freelance SEO jobs.

You can find freelance clients in 3 different ways

  1. Be Active
  2. Cold Pitch
  3. LinkedIn Jobs

Be Active

By being active on LinkedIn you get noticed by your network and by people searching for people who have your keyword.

Aim to be active in

  • Newsfeed
  • Relevant Active Groups
  • Hashtags That Are Relevant

Be active not just commenting on posts by your first-degree connections, but also you’re second-degree connections.

Commenting on second-degree connections posts widens your network. Send a connection request after you’ve commented.

Cold Pitch

Cold pitching potential clients are similar to sending cold pitches by email.

Before your begin cold pitching a client you need to

  • Make the client aware of you by commenting on their content
  • Research the client (what are there current problems or future projects)
  • Create a plan as to how to you can help and be a natural fit

After you’ve followed these 3 steps you can then message your potential client.

Message the potential client that you noticed they’re having a problem or planning to do some project. Then show interest in this by asking further questions.

Make the potential client the center of you’re attention.

Then position your offer in a way that makes it a no-brainer to use your freelance business.

LinkedIn Jobs

There are millions of jobs being posted on LinkedIn. Find the right LinkedIn jobs for you by

  • Typing In The Keywords Into The Search Bar
  • Filter The Results
  • Find Mutual Connections & Get Yourself Introduced

50% of LinkedIn jobs are won by users. Using mutual connections and getting those vital introductions.

Read 5 strategies to get clients from LinkedIn

#4 Build Your Own Website

Running your own freelance business, you should have a website to land freelance SEO jobs.

Whether it is just a blog to bring in passive income. Or a portfolio website to show the work you’ve done and the clients you’ve worked with.

Building your own website, pulling in traffic, and converting that traffic is your ultimate proof that you don’t just talk the talk but can walk the walk.

If you had a website that is working at pulling in traffic and converting, that would be more impressive to a client. More impressive than just writing it on a resume.

Read 5 steps to building a website

Building a website will be a quicker way of getting freelance SEO jobs.

#5 Get Your Foot In The Door

To help land freelance SEO jobs, offering a small sample of your services or knowledge in helping land clients is a way of getting your foot in the door.

So what do I mean?

Let’s say you want to land a specific client you’ve spotted. Research the clients website and do an audit. Then from the audit, message the client saying that you’ve noticed this problem which results in a specific disaster.

Carry on, by saying that if you do this small low priced service for them, they will get this result.

When you land the client for your freelance business with this simple strategy, you’re building their trust.

Building trust is essential is establishing a long term relationship with them.

In A Nutshell,

With businesses more and more having an online business, SEO is a hot career right now. Before you land freelance SEO jobs, you need to build up your knowledge, have proof of knowledge and a strategy to land clients.

Looking for extra help in becoming a freelance SEO consultant and having a proven blueprint to start your consulting career. Click here to find out about the simple 5 step process to become a consultant.

You’ll learn a simple approach to secure the right clients, having them ready to move forward with you.

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