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Freelance job boards | How do you get the gig even if there are already tons of applicants

As freelancers, getting gigs from platforms such as PeoplePerHour is how we earn money

That’s just a given, right?

But are you just sat at your computer spending hours looking at your laptop screen? I know, I was doing just the same thing at the start.

Spending hours scrolling through all of the best match gigs that we can do 

We get overly excited when we find THE ONE

freelance job boards

The one gig that we can do and is our expertise

But wait

There are already loads of applicants for the gig

freelance bob boards

It’s probably not worth bothering with as someone who is better at the job has already applied

Change this mindset immediately

freelance job boards

Meditate, do yoga. Whatever it is you do to refresh your mindset back to a winner. When you have that winning mindset back, you need to do is this.

  1. Position yourself as an authority
  2. In the application, tell the client the results you can give and the results you have given to previous clients
  3. Tell the client your turnaround time
  4. Tell the client that you are open to discuss further with them via the platforms messaging system or a video call
  5. Write the application with the client first. Don’t write about yourself, write about them. That is what clients are interested in, themselves.

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In a nutshell

You need to tell the client the result you can give them and in what time frame. Then position yourself as the clear expert in your niche, give them proof of this and they will be tripping over themselves to hire you. Hiring you without giving anyone else a moments thought.

If you are wanting to get out of the freelance job boards rut then you need a strategy to go out and get clients elsewhere. What you need to do is design your freelance business.

design your freelance business

Download this free PDF to help you get started on your way.

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