The Art of Creating Beautiful Flat Lay Photography In 2023

flat lay photography
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Content creation is the heart of almost all online businesses, and there is something delightful about the art of flat lay photography. Flat lays are great for showing off products, desk setups, ideas, works in progress, and more. 

There are a couple of tips and tricks that can help you add some spice to your flat lay game. 

Flat lay photography

Photo by micheile henderson on Unsplash

What is a flat lay?

A flat lay is a style of photography that takes a top-down view. Everything within the shot will be carefully placed so the viewer has plenty to see and absorb. Flat lay photography has been used for years for branding and product placement, and in recent years influencers have taken to using them for content creation – and you can see much of these on Instagram

Flat lays are considered to be one of the best ways for simple storytelling in a single image. 

The Art of Creating Beautiful Flat Lay Photography In 2023


For those who have never created a flat lay, it can feel overwhelming. What should be in the frame? What shouldn’t? Are there too many items? What is the focus here? And is it on brand? 

There is some wonderful flat lay photography on Instagram, and it is worth taking a look at what makes these photos popular and interesting. It is important not to copy – but use them for inspiration. 


Perhaps one of the best things about flat lay photography is that you can play around with things you already have in your home. Cotton tablecloths, pens & pencils, plants, wooden flooring, notebooks, devices – it is all possible. 

Props add more texture and interest to your photos without taking away from the main focus. They are the supporting cast. 


Color themes flat lays are gorgeous, and if you have branded colors, then keeping your images in that tone is just good business. There is something so pleasing to the eye when the feed, website, and all other images are in keeping. 

Monochrome images are also incredibly interesting, so long as you play around with tones, shapes, textures, and shades. 


Contrasting colors, textures, sizes, and even lighting will add richness to your photos. Keeping in mind that flat lays are top-down, creating contrast with texture and avoiding harsh shadows is something you’ll want to keep in mind. 


Perhaps one of the most difficult skills to improve is getting the right balance in your photos. The composition is highly important – what is the focus? Where do you want to add interesting details? You will know if your photo is unintentionally unbalanced – because it won’t look or feel right to you or the viewer. 

Balance and good composition are what allow viewers to understand and appreciate the image without working too hard. 


Editing is going to be a vital part of getting your images to look beautiful – but if you use different presets and filters every time, they won’t feel uniform. Instead, use a single preset for every image, and keep a note of any exposure increase you need to make so that your image feels curated, branded, and cohesive. 

Flat lays are also incredible for Pinterest marketing too, here is how to approach your Pinterest with strategy: 5 Strategic Ideas To Do Pinterest Marketing

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