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Found out that freelancers are creating big businesses using Fiverr, but have no idea how Fiverr works. Check out this step by step guide. Inside this guide you’ll learn how Fiverr works from creating the gig to receiving the payment. Plus you’ll get some insight to the Fiverr algorithm and how to feed it.

  1. Gigs
  2. Algorithm
  3. Attracting buyers
  4. Delivery
  5. Payments

How Fiverr works is similar to any marketplace website. Instead of products being listed, services are being listed. Then buyers who are interested in buying the services from freelancers either buy the service. Or the buyer starts a conversation with the freelancer. Then after the service is delivered payment is given to the freelancer.

Keep reading to learn how Fiverr works starting with the gigs.

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Fiverr gigs is where freelancers who are new to Fiverr should focus first. This is truly where to begin in understanding how Fiverr works.

Your Fiverr gig is how you’re going to show your expertise, keywords that you want to get known for, and attract buyers.

To create a gig on Fiverr, you need to go through these 5 stages

  • Overview
  • Pricing
  • Description and FAQ
  • Requirements
  • Gallery

Create Fiverr gig

In the overview and description, you need to consider you need to really consider your keywords. These keywords are the keywords used on Fiverr search that buyers are using now to discover gigs.

For the FAQ’s, your thinking about the buyer and what questions they would have about your gig. To do this take a fresh look at your gig and think like a buyer.

What questions would you have. Make a list and write clear answers to them.

When you’re creating your pricing, think about the 20% service fee that Fiverr charge you. Yes, you’ll be paying $1 out of every $5.

Requirements are essential in every gig you create and you can’t publish your gig without them. To create requirements think about what you need to fulfil the order. What information do you need from the buyer.

Gallery is simply adding an image or video to your gig. This image or video will be added as a thumbnail for your gig. So you need to make it attractive.

A clever (but) free tool to create attractive images and videos is Canva. Make sure that you check out the sizes of the image and video on Fiverr first before using Canva.

Now you’ve gone through all the stages of creating your first Fiverr gig, it’s time to publish it.

What to do next

Before you start creating Fiverr gigs make sue that it’s something that is in demand right now. Grab the workbook that’ll help you create a gig that’s attractive to buyers and convert.

Although if you’re thinking that you’ve got nothing to offer you should check out these 5 Fiverr gig ideas.


Not getting any orders or you got orders but then they’re not coming in as fast?

Then you might have a problem with the Fiverr algorithm.

Before you start feeding the algorithm, you need to understand how the Fiverr algorithm works.

The Fiverr algorithm works depending on

  • Amount of orders
  • Ratings/Reviews
  • Conversions from impressions to sales

As a new freelancer on Fiverr, you’ve not got much orders or reviews. For example, you can’t compete with a freelancer who’s got 500 orders done and a 4 star rating.

You’ve got no chance, forget about it.

So what you need to focus on is conversions from impressions to sales.

Impressions are people who are looking at your gig and deciding there and then if they want to work with you. To start feeding the Fiverr algorithm, you need your impression to become a sale.

Do this by making your gig attractive. Attractive copy that speaks to the client’s pain points and desires.

Do your keyword research using the Fiverr search bar. Optimize your gig with the keyword and also your profile bio. The clients want to be sure that you’re the go-to freelancer to solve their problems. A real expert in your niche and not a jack of all trades.

Attracting buyers

You’re a new seller on Fiverr, so it’s instantly harder for you to get clients. You’re at the bottom of the search results and no rankings or reviews to show you can be trusted.

This is why you need to set up a social media platform that will attract buyers.

Fiverr does allow you to share your link straight from your profile to your social media account.

But just posting a link that’s basically saying hey, buy from me because I can do this service. It just doesn’t work out.

What does work is creating a dedicated social media account that provides valuable content. Then another to drive traffic to that valuable content.

Ever heard of the saying ‘content is king’. Well this is so true. When you give valuable content you get sales.

So using the keyword research, take a look at the keywords being searched for right now in your topic and create a piece of content around it. Content that gives valuable information such as how to solve a surface level problem. Then end with a call to action which is to buy your done for you services.

Doing this just builds the know, like, and trust factor. When you’ve got this then you’ll grow your social media following. Leading to more sales on Fiverr.


Once you’ve completed the order in the timeframe given it’s time to deliver the order.

To deliver the order you don’t just go to send a message. No.

Take a look at the top of your order details page and you’ll see an option to deliver your order.

To deliver the order, upload the files and leave a nice message. A nice message thanking them, to get back to you with any issues, and to offer a complimentary service or product.

It really is that simple to do.

The buyer has a couple of days after then to tell Fiverr if they’re happy or not with the order.

If they’re happy then the order is marked as completed. If they say nothing then Fiverr just automatically marks the order as complete.

Though if the buyer comes back and says they’re not happy with the order. What happens next is that the buyer messages you with what they want amended with the order.

You need to get straight on top of this and get the amendments done to your best ability. Done to your best to make the client happy and fix the problem so you can save the sale. Save the sale and still get at least a 3 or 4 star review.

What you don’t want is a cancelled order as this will affect your rankings and harder for you to get clients through organic search.


To receive payments from Fiverr after you’ve completed a piece of work, you need to wait for 14 days. 14 days after the job has been marked completed.

Beware. Fiverr takes 20% of your earnings. So for every $5, Fiverr will take $1. But this a price you pay for making sure you’re paid for the work you do.

If you take on clients away from a platform like Fiverr, you have to send them an invoice. Then if they don’t pay up you need to chase them.

But Fiverr takes away this headache and gives you the money you’re owed (minus the 20% fee).

After the payment has cleared, you can get your funds. Depending on where you’re in the world as to how. But you have got 3 options:

  1. PayPal
  2. Fiverr Revenue Card
  3. Bank Transfer (US only)

To withdraw your earnings, go to the earnings tab. Select which payment method you want. Check your email account so you confirm you want to withdraw your earnings.

As your a freelancer, your a business owner. So make sure that you keep your accounts up to date. An accounting software I love is Sage. You can try out Sage yourself with a 30-day free trial to see if it’s right for you.

In A Nutshell,

Now you’ve learned how Fiverr works, you can start creating your gig. But you now know how the Fiverr algorithm works and how to feed the Fiverr algorithm works. This is the exact strategy that freelancers are using to create 5 or 6 figure incomes.

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