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Fiverr vs Upwork | Which is best for beginners?

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Which platform is best for beginners? Fiverr vs Upwork is for people looking to start using either Fiverr or Upwork. By the time you’ve got to the end of Fiverr vs Upwork, you’ll be certain which platform you should be choosing.

Before you choose Fiverr or Upwork, here’s a quick overview of what Fiverr is.

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Overview of Fiverr


Fiverr is a marketplace that allows freelancers to post their services and businesses, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs to buy them.

There is a whole range of categories that you can list or buy services from. These services include:

  • Graphics & Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing & Translation
  • Video & Animation
  • Music & Audio
  • Programming & Tech
  • Data
  • Business
  • Lifestyle

For any order is made of the service, the gig is created, the freelancer attracts buyers, and then a conversation starts between the two parties. This conversation’s aim is to get to know precisely what the client wants and if you’re a good fit.

Read here to learn more about how Fiverr works.


Fees Fiverr charges

Fiverr charges fees for both the sellers and the buyers. This is how Fiverr makes their money.

So what fees are they charging?

For the sellers (also known as the freelancers) who are providing the service. They are being charged 20% of each order.

This is a flat rate and doesn’t change whatever level you’re at.

So if you sell a service for $100, you’ll receive $80 and Fiverr will take the 20% service fee. This may seem a huge price to pay but it gives you confidence that you’ll get paid for your services.

For the buyers, they also have to pay a fee when they make the order.

Currently as of March 2021, Fiverr are charging 5.5% for purchases above $50. For purchases below $50 the same 5.5% is charged but an additional $2 small order fee is applied.

After the buyer has been charged to the buyer, Fiverr holds the money. Holds the money until the job is completed and the buyer is satisfied.

Advantages of Fiverr

For beginners Fiverr has got many advantages. Here are 5 top advantages of Fiverr:

  • Easy to use
  • No chasing customers
  • Huge variety of jobs
  • Good customer service
  • Allows tips

As a beginner for freelancers Fiverr is a fantastic platform. Here are 5 Fiverr gig ideas that make money if you’re looking to start using the platform.

Using the platform correctly and setting up your gigs for the Fiverr search, you can create a six figure business.

Disadvantages of Fiverr

No platform is ever going to be absolutely perfect. Fiverr is no different as it does have a few flaws that buyers and sellers will find. Here are the top 5 disadvantages of Fiverr:

  • Fees
  • Fraudulent sellers
  • Difficult for beginners to get clients
  • Deadlines
  • No consistency in the volume of work

Although these disadvantages may seem off putting beginners who want to start using Fiverr, don’t let it.

By using a social media marketing strategy to attract clients, you can build relationships with clients first. By building relationships, you can get orders from them without them ever looking elsewhere.

This then boosting the number of orders you’re receiving, positive feedback, and sales.

Use this workbook to create a social media strategy to attract clients and not chase them.


Overview of Upwork

Upwork is another marketplace for freelancers to list their services and businesses to buy from. But unlike Fiverr, on Upwork you just create a profile and list your skills. Then businesses go on Upwork and make a post of what they’re seeking.

This can be a post such as On-Site SEO expert required. Then the business give a brief description of what they’re looking for.

Other requirements that businesses can put in their post is

  • Duration of the project
  • Hours per week
  • Experience level

As you’d expect, after a job is posted the freelancers then pitch themselves. These pitches do incur charges which are called ‘connects’.

Fees Upwork charges

Freelancers can get connects in 3 different ways:

  1. Monthly free connects
  2. Buy connects
  3. Earn connects

When you buy connects, they are charged at different prices depending on how many you want. But the price is generally charged at $0.15 per connect but are sold in bundles.

To earn connects you need to win a client, pass a skills certification, and earn a badge.

But for freelancers there are other fees on Upwork you need to be aware of. These fees are service fees and the percentage is calculated based on the amount the client paid you.

For sellers they pay a 3% fee on top of what they are giving to the freelancer.

Advantages of Upwork

For beginners using Upwork, you need to have a strong background in your niche. Upwork does have a vigorous system to check that any new freelancers are suitable for their site.

Upwork is seeking to only get the best freelancers on their site.

Apart from that advantage of Upwork, here are 4 others:

  • Long term contracts
  • Return clients
  • More payment protection
  • Higher paying clients

As you can see the main advantages of Upwork revolve around the fact that the contracts are more long term and higher paying. You don’t tend to get this with Fiverr.

With Fiverr, often the turnaround time is very fast and the payment is low. Low payment often being a common grumble of freelancers, but a benefit to businesses.

Disadvantages of Upwork

For beginners

  • Difficult to get approved
  • Big fees
  • Difficult to get first clients
  • Poor user experience

If somehow you’re lucky to get approved on Upwork, then it can still be difficult to get your first clients. As clients put on their description that you must have so many connects and jobs already completed on Upwork.

As a beginner on Upwork, you’ve not got this.

But if you still want to try Upwork, then getting the workbook ‘make money on Fiverr like a boss’ is still relevant. It’ll teach you how to create a social media marketing strategy and attract your first clients.

When you attract your first clients in this way, they will only want to work with you and nobody else.

Grab the workbook, make money on Fiverr like a boss. Then work your way through each step and start building your own freelance business.

In A Nutshell,

Fiverr vs Upwork, which platform is best for beginners? Well this depends on what you’re really looking for and your previous experience. If you’ve got a vast amount of experience in your niche, then go for Upwork. But if you’ve only got a small amount of experience, then Fiverr is your best bet.

But whichever platform you choose, grab the workbook ‘make money on Fiverr’. Inside the workbook you’ll learn how to build your profile, optimize it for organic search, and attract clients outside the platform. Click here to grab the workbook.

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