Fiverr review | Is it a scam? | The good, the bad, and the ugly

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In this Fiverr review, we’ll be uncovering if Fiverr is just a scam or is it a profitable venture for freelancers. Profitable for all freelancers not just the lucky few. We’ll also be covering in this blog other misconceptions and how you can grow your freelance business with Fiverr.

Before we get started looking at how you can use Fiverr to grow your freelance business, we’ll uncover common myths. To start with, look at if Fiverr is safe, how to stay safe, and why it’s so cheap for buyers to use.

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Is Fiverr safe?

Fiverr is 100% safe for both the buyers and the sellers.

When a buyer pays for a gig and are left unsatisfied with the finished service from the seller they can raise a dispute. If the dispute is not resolved then the buyer can get 100% of their money back.

Sellers don’t receive any money at all for the work until the buyer has received the work and not raised any disputes. Buyers have a couple of days after the work has been delivered to raise any disputes.

Sellers get paid for the job after a 14-day clearing period. But when sellers do a good job for the buyer and resolve any issues, then they will get paid. No need to hound the client for payment which can happen when you don’t use a service like Fiverr.

The only time it can be questionable if Fiverr is safe, is when you buy a gig such as buy backlinks from 90+ DA website for only $5.

When you see a gig like this that are offering you something that you really want but at a very low price, you need to question how they are doing this. Where are all of the sites they are getting links from? Will it cause me to be blacklisted by Google?

Whenever you create a gig or buy a gig, think is the gig really equivalent to the amount that is being charged? If the answer is no, then dig deeper into how it’s being done. Really investigate it. Don’t want to waste your time or money on something that might end up causing you problems.

So is Fiverr safe? Yes, this Fiverr review has shown it’s safe for sellers and buyers in general. But you do need to be careful. Have conversations with buyers and sellers so you understand what the buyer wants and the sellers are offering.

Why is Fiverr so cheap?

Fiverr is cheap as it starts with a low price, enabling small businesses and entrepreneurs without a big budget to get the help they need form freelancers.

Freelancers can use this desire for low price services. Offer services at a low price (but still helps clients with a problem they’re having) get’s you trusted by the client and other potential clients. Trust that you can deliver and know what you’re doing in your niche.

This build up of trust warms up clients however small their budget is to take a chance on your higher priced services.

For example, one client ordered one short blog post from me as he was a new entrepreneur and new to Fiverr. He was happy with what I delivered. Ending up becoming a client that ordered an eBook, copywriting (emails and social media posts), and a larger quantity of blog posts on a regular basis. So the moral of the story is, have a small gig, build trust, and earn more money.

So is Fiverr cheap? Fiverr is only cheap when you look at the $5 gigs that are offered. But when you scratch below the surface, as you’ll see in this Fiverr review, the majority of services offered are for much more. Freelancers are raking it in on Fiverr and you can too.

What are Fiverr levels?

On Fiverr there are 5 levels of sellers

  1. New Seller
  2. Level 1
  3. Level 2
  4. Top Rated
  5. Pro

To claw up the levels you need to invest in promoting your gig, get great customer reviews, and maintain high-quality services. Each level has its own guidelines to achieve so that you get to that next level. To achieve each level, make sure that your customers are absolutely satisfied.

New Seller

When you sign up as a seller on Fiverr, you start as a new seller. As a new seller your aim is

  • Start driving traffic
  • Completed 60 days as a seller
  • Done 10 orders
  • Earned $400 minimum
  • 90% response rate over 60 days

Level 1

Level one sellers can put up more gigs and you can also upsell your gig. Upselling by offering additional services after the client has bought your gig.

fiverr review of the levels and how to achieve each level

For example, a video producer on Fiverr creates videos for their clients, such as a simple tutorial video. You offer this at $15 per 30 seconds. Then you can also offer scriptwriting. and other extras. This is upselling your gig and an opportunity to make more money out of every client on Fiverr.

As a level one seller you’ve got goals so that you achieve the next level. These goals are

  • 120 days as an active seller
  • Complete 50 orders
  • Earn $2000 minimum
  • 90% response rate over 60 days
  • Have a high star rating

After achieving this you’ll become a level 2 seller.

Level 2

When you become a level 2 seller your clearly doing really well on the platform. You’ll have a lot of positive customer reviews, lots of orders, and made money with Fiverr. But you can go a bit further and try to reach the target of top-rated seller.

To achieve the top-rated seller you must

  • Complete 180 days as a seller
  • Completed 100 individual orders
  • Earned $20,000 minimum
  • Maintained a high star rating
  • Maintained 90% response rate
fiverr review

After you’ve achieved this status you’ll get so much more credibility. Plus you’ll be invited to become a pro seller.

Become a Fiverr Pro

Fiverr pro launched in June 2017. At this level, freelancers are charging higher prices for their work as Fiverr is marketing itself to attract high-quality clients with larger budgets. By becoming a Fiverr pro seller you’ll get even more credibility than the top-rated seller badge.

fiverr review

How to become a Fiverr Pro

To become a Fiverr pro seller you actually have to apply on the Fiverr platform for this program. Fiverr will only let in the best people in certain categories for Fiverr pro.

To be accepted as a pro seller you really have to be amongst the best and stand out against the competition. During the application process, you really have to show fire. Show that you really have mastered your craft and are amongst the experts in the field.

Getting onto the Fiverr pro program, you have to go through a process where they’ll ask you about your experience and want to see proof of your work.

But if you think you’ve got what it takes to become a pro seller, then it really is worth a shot going through the process. As there are many perks to becoming a pro seller such as a customer success manager, being able to charge much higher rates, and Fiverr actively promoting you in the algorithm.

In A Nutshell,

After this Fiverr review, you can see that it’s not a scam and can be very rewarding for freelancers and clients alike. There is often a misconception that the site is just a cheap site that exploits freelancers but when you scratch below the surface, you can see there’s much money to be made on the platform. As freelancers get positive feedback and orders from clients they can grow their seller level and even become a pro seller.

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