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Have you dabbled with Fiverr in the past with little success? Check out this guide to create and launch a Fiverr gig that sells. With, the average freelancer makes $1040 per month on Fiverr, and the Pro Fiverr sellers making much more, you might just want to give it a second shot.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of creating a gig on Fiverr.

Ultimate Guide To Create A Gig On Fiverr

Brainstorming A Gig

Creating a gig on Fiverr is all about offering something unique and valuable. So, grab a notepad and let the brainstorming begin!

Think about your skills, hobbies, and passions. Are you a whizz at graphic design, a master of social media, or perhaps you have a knack for writing quirky product descriptions? Whatever it is, Fiverr welcomes your creativity with open arms.

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Title For Your Fiverr Gig

Crafting a captivating gig title is a pivotal step in the process to create a gig on Fiverr. It’s the first thing potential buyers see. Setting the tone for their entire interaction with your services. Let’s delve deeper into the art of creating a compelling gig title:

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Creating Your Title

The Fiverr gig title is your canvas for creativity. It’s where you can let your imagination soar. Rather than opting for a mundane and generic title, such as “Data Entry Services,” infuse your title with personality and flair.

Consider it an opportunity to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Add Some Humour

Humour is a powerful tool for capturing attention. People are naturally drawn to things that make them smile or chuckle. So, why not inject a sense of humour into your gig title?

For instance, instead of simply stating “Data Entry Services,” you could go for something like “Data Diva: Typing at the Speed of Laughter.” This not only showcases your data entry skills but also adds an element of fun to the mix.

Using Wordplay & Puns

Wordplay and puns are excellent for creating memorable gig titles. They not only make your title more engaging, but also demonstrate your creativity and linguistic abilities. For example, the pun on “typing at the speed of laughter” paints a vivid image and also implies efficiency and enjoyment in your work.


Your gig title is your first opportunity to grab potential buyers’ attention. On Fiverr, with so much competition, it’s crucial to stand out. A well-crafted title piques curiosity and encourages users to click and learn more about your services.

Keyword Research On Fiverr

While creativity is essential, don’t forget the practical aspect of discoverability. Incorporate relevant keywords into your gig title to improve its discoverability in search results.

Think about what terms potential buyers might use when searching for your services, and integrate them naturally.

Your Fiverr gig title is a vital component of your freelancing or service-based business. It’s not just a name; it’s a first impression, a branding tool, and a marketing asset all rolled into one. Infusing creativity, humour, and wordplay into your Fiverr title increase your chances of attracting and retaining clients.


Crafting an enticing Fiverr gig description when create a gig on Fiverr. This attracts potential clients and ensuring your services stand out in a competitive marketplace. To create a captivating gig description, you should aim for a blend of entertainment, information, and irresistibility.

Imagine you’re talking to a close friend when writing your gig description. This approach builds a warm, relatable tone that resonates with potential buyers. Begin by clearly explaining what services you offer and how they can benefit your clients.

Keep it simple and straightforward, just as you would when explaining something to a friend over coffee.

Always remember that the key to an irresistible Fiverr gig description is making potential buyers feel confident in your abilities, while also creating a personal connection. By striking the right balance between professionalism and personality, you can increase your chances of attracting clients who can’t resist clicking that “Order Now” button.

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Gig Extras

Gig extras on Fiverr can be likened to the dessert menu of a fine dining restaurant. Just like a well-crafted dessert menu enhances the overall dining experience. Gig extras can significantly enhance your Fiverr gig and provide an opportunity to boost your earnings.

Just as dessert menus often feature options for customization, gig extras can be tailored to meet the client’s needs. Offering personalized add-ons gives clients the flexibility to get precisely what they want. Thus leading to higher customer satisfaction and repeat business.

You can also use upselling and cross-selling techniques with gig extras. Strategically suggest these extras to clients during the ordering process or in your communication. For instance, if you’re offering copywriting services, you can recommend additional services like SEO optimization or social media copywriting for their project.

These additional services and add-ons are a fantastic way for freelancers and service providers to go the extra mile for their clients and, at the same time, increase their income.

Ultimately, gig extras on Fiverr are your secret weapon for not only meeting but exceeding client expectations. They allow you to offer a more versatile and customized service, increasing your appeal to a wider audience whilst boosting your income.


A Fiverr gig gallery is your digital shopfront and an important final step to create a gig on Fiverr. Make it visually appealing, informative, and engaging to stand out from the competition and attract potential clients. With the right visuals, you can effectively convey your skills and persuade buyers to choose your services.

Your gig gallery is a dynamic tool that you can update and refine over time to reflect your growth and expertise in your chosen field.

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Pricing your gig strategically is crucial for success on Fiverr. It can significantly impact your ability to attract clients and earn a sustainable income. Fiverr provides you with the flexibility to set different packages and price points. Allowing you to tailor your offerings to a wide spectrum of potential buyers.

Create Tiered Packages

Divide your services into distinct packages, each offering different levels of service and benefits. For example, you might have a basic package, a standard package, and a premium package. Each package should cater to different client needs and budgets.

  • Basic Package: This should be your entry-level offering, priced at a level where it’s accessible to a broad audience. It might include essential services or a limited scope of work.
  • Standard Package: This should offer more comprehensive services or additional features compared to the basic package. Price it higher to reflect the added value.
  • Premium Package: This is your top-tier offering, packed with premium services, extra revisions, faster delivery times, or exclusive add-ons. Price it at a premium level.

Research Your Competitors

Research what similar freelancers in your niche are charging for their services. Your pricing should be competitive but not cheapest. If your skills and offerings stand out, clients are willing to pay more.

Test Drive Your Prices

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your pricing. Monitor your gig’s performance and adapt your pricing structure as needed. If you find that one package is selling more than others, consider adjusting your pricing or adding more value to the other packages to balance the demand.

Or if you feel that you are selling the gig too cheaply. Don’t be scared to up your prices. You shouldn’t feel that you’re working night and day for nothing.

By implementing a well-thought-out tiered pricing strategy on Fiverr, you can attract a broader range of clients, maximize your earning potential, and build a thriving freelancing career.


Fiverr SEO, my friend, is your golden ticket to visibility. Optimize your gig’s keywords to ensure it shows up in search results.

Use keywords that are relevant to your services and sprinkle them throughout your gig’s title, description, and tags. Remember, the goal is to make your gig as easy to find.


Congratulations, you’ve created a gig on Fiverr. Now, it’s time to hit that “Publish Gig” button. Share your gig on social media, tell your network, and watch as the orders start pouring in.


Creating a gig on Fiverr can be a profitable adventure. Let your creativity run wild, infuse humour into every aspect of your gig, and watch as the money rolls in fast. Get out there, create a gig on Fiverr, and start making money.

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