How to smash your first client meeting and win clients everytime

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Smile, you’ve landed your first client meeting. But when you start thinking about it, it’s a scary time. Scary if you’ve not had great experiences with job interviews or any other interviews. By the time you’ve finished reading this blog, you’ll know how to smash your first client meeting with confidence. Inside this blog post you’ll learn

  • Purpose of a client meeting
  • Prepping
  • Starting the meeting
  • Building rapport
  • Questions to ask

Client meetings are scary to do, especially when you’re new to freelancing and getting clients. After all, you need to get clients or you don’t really have a business.

When you do your first client meeting you may not know what to expect so you either go into over-preparing with the wrong stuff. Or you go into the interview not preparing at all. But when you go into the interview prepared you’ll be able to confidently close the sale and start a long relationship with the client.

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Purpose of a client meeting

Purpose of having a client meeting is not always about closing the sale, but it can be about building trust and rapport. Or a client meeting could be about creating a plan to work together, setting goals, and milestones. This may happen as you’ve already built up a conversation online already about what the clients wants from you. The meeting just then becomes more about the process and how it’s going to work in reality.

These meetings can be done on a Zoom or Skype call. Or if you live locally to where the client is located and convenient to both parties, you can meet in person.

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