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5 tips to get freelance clients using Facebook groups

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With 2.91 billion active users, Facebook isn’t dead. Whilst the crowd is moving to new platforms, don’t forget about this goldmine of leads for your freelance business. Use Facebook groups strategically and you’ll soon find yourself on a wave of new clients.

As any new freelancer wanting clients, getting your first client coming to you can be like mission impossible. Impossible unless you start selling your services at rock bottom rates.

Don’t start getting in that race to the bottom and charge the lowest amount. Instead, find freelance work yourself on Facebook.

Jump onto Facebook groups and find clients yourself. When you go out there and lure them with your pitch, those clients don’t take a look around at other freelancers.

Use Facebook groups as a way to boost your brand awareness and the top of the sales funnel.

Make sure that you use Facebook groups the right way with this strategy that got me my first clients and built my credibility.

Read the group rules


Whenever you ask to join a group, more often than not they’ll ask you to agree to their rules.

Your automatic response is ‘yes of course I agree’. Seriously, do people actually think no I don’t agree with the rules and still going to get in?

After being accepted into the group, read the rules, or you’ll find yourself kicked out.

Read the group’s rules and you’ll learn about when you can be self-promotional, threads they have, and the group’s culture.

The best way to promote yourself on Facebook groups is to abide by the rules and be an active participant.

You should of course use self-promotional threads so people do learn precisely what it is you do and how you can help them. Don’t only post on these threads and nothing else otherwise. If you do you’ll be seen as a spammer.

Don’t be seen as a spammer that only cares about themselves. Show you care about the other group members by actively responding to posts.

Once people get to know you through the group and build that all-important trust, they become intrigued. Intrigued to learn more about you and to get to know you better they preview your Facebook profile.

Optimize your Facebook profile

What would people think of you when they look at your Facebook profile for the first time?

Even if your profile privacy settings are switched on, they can still see your profile and cover picture.

Would people see a picture of you on a night out, or would they see you looking somewhat more polished?

Now your Facebook profile picture doesn’t need to be a LinkedIn corporate picture. Although you do want a clear picture of you, smiling, and looking polished.

Another important aspect of your Facebook profile is your bio.

Like your LinkedIn heading, make sure that your bio is optimized and clearly shows

  • Who you are
  • Who you help
  • How you help them

Use that standard line of ‘helping x do y so they can z’.

This gives clarity to the potential client to see if you’re a good fit and will want to work with you

Add a call to action so people click on your link to your website or landing page that moves them further up the sales funnel and become your first or next client.

For example, book a 15 min call or get an audit and this will help you to see if you can work with this client and how you can best help them.

If you’re joining a group using your Facebook page, don’t make this deadly mistake. Deadly mistake of having a Facebook page that’s just filled with buy from me content.

Have content that makes you human and adds your personality whilst solving your target market’s pain points.

But whichever you choose to join a group, do this one thing. Clean up your Facebook profile so that it puts you in a good light and moves people further up your sales funnel.

Read here how to optimize a LinkedIn profile

Find 3 – 5 strategic groups

When joining groups, only join 3 – 5 strategically so you can truly build trust and not get overwhelmed by them.

So which groups should you join? There are two types of groups that you can join as a freelancer.

Firstly, there are groups that’s targeted for freelancers to join. These can be job post boards or for freelancers to network and learn.

Second type of group is the group with an abundance of your target market.

Freelancing groups are good to join because sometimes business owners will post a job or you could work from another freelancer

The second type of group is great for finding lots of clients as they’re targeted at the client. For example, if your business is helping personal trainers with generating new leads. Find groups for personal trainers who want help with their marketing.

Be active in these groups and offer your advice in marketing, build relationships, and get seen as the go-to expert.

If your service is based around helping people with a tool such as Kajabi, find groups for this tool or course creators who use this tool.

Do this and you’re in a group with lots of people who need your help.

When searching for groups be very specific with your keywords and not too broad like digital marketing as that would get you way too many results.

Be focused in your research for which groups to join.

Give value consistently

Once you’ve joined the groups, you need to take this important step.

Turn on the notifications for the 3 – 5 groups, and respond to each of the posts that are made when people are asking questions.

Give value in your comments, nothing self-promotional or one word with an emoji. Instead, give value and show you know what you’re talking about.

Come from a place of wanting to help people, don’t come from a place of seeing dollar signs. People are less likely to see you as a credible source when you come in with the selling first mindset.

When you see someone struggling, put together quick wins, and don’t ask for anything in return. Especially not a click to my website or landing page, this will turn people straight off you.

When your answering questions, typically it’s from people only wanting free stuff that’ll never buy. But what you got is exposure to someone who’s seen your comment.

This person is your next client who has money but no time to implement your help. After looking at your profile, they’ll join your funnel, and will buy from you. What they need from you whilst lurking in the group is to build trust in you.

If you see a question, in your comment ask them a question in return to learn more about their struggle. You never know who else is looking at your comment, it could be your first client.

Do this consistently to start seeing results. Create a schedule to answer questions at a set time, or just respond to notifications whenever you see them pop up.

Pro-tip to get high paying clients

Find higher paying clients in groups where there is a paid membership to join the group.

Start your own Facebook group

Start your own Facebook group from scratch? Surely that’s an impossible feat.

Don’t worry it’s not.

Build your own Facebook group that’s

  • Optimized so people searching can find it easily
  • You give value consistently
  • Giving fresh new content regularly
  • Interact with all of your new members and any comments or posts made by people

Facebook groups are a great way for you to build your client base.

Build your client base by showcasing your knowledge in your niche. From there have a call-to-action where they can get a free consultation with you if they need help with a specific problem.

In A Nutshell,

Remember, you got into your business to make a difference in the lives of others. To do that, you’ve got to create trust and build relationships with those you are trying to reach. Try out Facebook groups for yourself and then evaluate how it impacts your business before deciding if this strategy works for you.

If you’ve not already done so, check out this quick guide to starting a freelance business.

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