5 Deadly Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

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Opening your emails from other businesses you’re probably seeing mistakes being made all the time.

Don’t get a superiority complex! You’re probably making mistakes also with your own email marketing campaigns.

Or if you haven’t started an email marketing campaign, you should be aware of the mistakes that are being made.

Over 333 billion emails are being sent every day. These emails are being sent globally by all business sizes and unfortunately, some are making deadly mistakes.

Mistakes that’s costing them sales and subscribers.

Keep reading this blog for the top 5 email marketing mistakes that are being made daily.

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5 Deadly Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

Boring Subject Lines That Don’t Get Clicks

Get your emails opened with a subject line that catches people’s attention and wants them to read more.

Take a look at your own subject lines that you’ve written or received.

Looking at them ask yourself, are they subject lines that make you want to open the email or put it straight in the trash?

What’s your answer?

Answer yeah I would open that email then that’s a great subject line and learn from it.

If however, you’re thinking that’s going straight to the trash, ask yourself why.

When you’re not even wanting to open your own email based on the subject line you’ve written then why would you expect your subscribers to open it?

Increase your open rate with these subject line styles

  • Thought provoking
  • Risk -reversal
  • Question
  • Funny

Edit your subject line and restyle it by using one of these styles. Would you open it now by adding a bit of humour, asking a question, or by being thought-provoking?

Find a style that works for you, split test it, then check your analytics to see what style got the most open rates.

Once you know what works for your business and gets those opens, then rinse and repeat for your next email.

Check out these 15 email subject lines to use in your freelancing business that increases your open rate.

Not Sending Out Welcome Emails To Your New Subscribers

First impressions count and you don’t get a second chance.

When you get a new subscriber make sure their first email from you gives the right impression.

Make that right first impression by showcasing your personality, what they can expect being a subscriber to you, and giving the reason why they became a subscriber.

If people signed up to watch a webinar or get an eBook, it’s not a great look if you’re not giving it in your welcome email.

Add the offer in your welcome email, showcase your personality, and what to expect.

This will make sure that your subscribers start to trust you and get excited to receive further emails.

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Unclear What Action You Want The Email Subscriber To Make

If your reader doesn’t know what next step you want them to make then they’re not going to take that action.

Ensure that it’s crystal clear that the reader must click a specific link to get the desired result you’re offering.

Whether the desired result is to a product or service, you want to make it clear to the reader they need to click the link.

Sprinkle the link throughout the copy of your email in different ways. You could sprinkle the link in a standalone sentence, photo, or phrase in a paragraph.

By sprinkling the link throughout the copy you’re making sure that at some point the reader sees the link. You want to sprinkle links as sometimes you’ll get readers who are just skimming through your email until the end. Or skimming through the email til something catches their attention.

You don’t know how people are reading and consuming your email so sprinkling in your link when appropriate will make sure readers are taking action.

Ignoring Your Analytics

Ignore your analytics at your own peril.

When you don’t pay attention to your analytics you lose out on vital information that tells you

  • How many subscribers you’ve got
  • People unsubscribing
  • Click through rate
  • Open rate

With this information, you can see what subject lines are working, what offers are making people click through, and what emails are being left unopened.

Although I’m telling you to not ignore your analytics, you don’t want to be looking at your analytics all the time. Looking at your analytics all the time causes stress and analysis paralysis.

This is never going to be a great situation that you want to land yourself in.

Instead of going into analysis paralysis, create a monthly or weekly routine. Routine where you check your analytics and assess the results your seeing.

Assess your results from your analytics and then create a plan using this information.

Buying Email Lists

When I started building sales funnels and learning how to do it, I was told to buy the email list.

This was really bad advice to take because all it did was gather lists of dead email addresses.

Dead email addresses that were inactive or just weren’t interested anymore in the topic my sales funnel was selling.

This is when I learned proper tactics to build email lists organically.

Yes building an email list organically may be more time consuming or costly if you’re running paid adverts.

Whichever way you choose to build an email list, you’ll get better results.

Better results because you know that the people who’ve chosen to sign up to your list really is interested in your offer.

Another reason that buying email lists are not a good idea is because you need to consider GDPR. If you send unsolicited emails to people who never signed up to you, then you are breaking these rules.

Learn more about GDPR and how to stay in the rules around this piece of legislation, check out this resource from the privacy compliance hub.

In A Nutshell,

Avoid making any of these email marketing mistakes and you’ll have more success with your email marketing campaign. If you’re struggling to build your email list, then check out this guide on how I built an email list from scratch. When you’ve got your subscribers opening your emails, use these email templates to craft the perfect email that boosts your sales.

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