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3 Steps to create a landing page with Elementor WordPress plugin

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Elementor WordPress plugin is fantastic at helping you to create a landing page. Whether your a newbie to WordPress or a pro, it is easy to use with its drag and drop feature.

Plus, you don’t need to be a graphic design expert. With a library of templates, you’ll be a whizz in no time at creating landing pages with the Elementor WordPress plugin.

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What Is Elementor?


Elementor WordPress plugin is a page builder that helps you design beautiful landing pages. Great, especially if you don’t have an eye for graphic design.

Although, your probably wondering about SEO. If Elementor is SEO friendly or can it be bad for SEO. Let’s take a look now and see if Elementor is good for SEO.

Is Elementor Good For SEO?

Without a doubt, Elementor is SEO friendly. Although, you do have to remember these things to make sure that your landing page is SEO friendly.

  • Good image size is important, but also using a JPEG file instead of PNG is also useful. Doing this helps to speed up your WordPress site

Check out these 3 tools to speed up your WordPress site

  • Use alt tags in your images
  • Remember your heading tags
  • Use Elementor with the Yoast SEO plugin to maximize results

Check out how to improve your Google rankings with Yoast SEO

Image size is not the only that can slow down your landing page from loading. There is a common question asking if Elementor WordPress plugin slows down your site. Let’s look closer at what can slow down your site.

Does Elementor Slow Down Your Site?

Elementor does not slow down your website. Although, you can have a slow website for other reasons. Reasons including

  • Unused plugins and themes
  • Too much content in your trash caused by not cleaning up the database
  • Not using a lightweight theme

Choosing to change your theme? Make sure that it is compatible with Elementor.

Before you excitedly get started with Elementor. You need to understand what is inside Elementor and how it can help you create a landing page.

The biggest feature of Elementor is the Elementor template library.

Elementor Templates

Elementor WordPress plugin has a large range of templates available in its library. Templates including whole page templates and individual blocks.

You can get a lot of these for free without needing to upgrade.

Although, if you upgrade to Elementor pro you can choose from designs that have a lot more functionality.

Functionality to be able to capture leads and engage more with website visitors.

Now we’ve understood what Elementor is and the great benefits it brings, here are your 3 steps to creating a landing page using the Elementor WordPress plugin.

3 Steps To Creating A Landing Page

Creating a landing page with the Elementor WordPress plugin couldn’t be any easier. Here are the 3 steps you need to do in creating a landing page.

Step #1 Create A New Landing Page

Begin by adding a new page as normal. Next, you’ll see a blue button at the top of the page saying to edit with Elementor.

Elementor WordPress plugin adding a new page

Now you’ve created a landing page that you can design with Elementor, you now need to design it.

Step #2 Choose A Design

Creating a design with Elementor is really easy to do, even for those who do not have a design bone in their body. Though before we get started choosing a design, here are some sneak peaks of what designs you can get.

Sneak Peak #1 Template Library

Here is a sneak peak of what the templates library looks like for choosing a page design.

templates library inside Elementor WordPress plugin

Sneak Peak #2 Blocks

Here is a sneak peak of the blocks that are available

Here is how to apply an Elementor template to a page.

Apply An Elementor Template To A Page

Add a template by following these simple instructions.

  • Click the folder icon
  • Choose your template
  • Edit the template to fit your brand and vision of how you want your page to look

After you’ve gone through the library of templates available in the Elementor WordPress plugin, now it’s time to apply it.

Click the button and you’ll be taken to a new screen where you can apply the templates.

An alternative second option is to build your own landing page using a drag and drop system.

Click the plus icon and you can choose a block style.

From the left side bar, you can drag and drop an element that you want in the block.

Elements that are available are

elementor wordpress plugin

There are plenty of elements for you to add that can give your new page or post the functionality you want.

After you have created your page or post design, you want to add your personality and branding to the design.

Step #3 Adding Your Branding

You want to make your landing page individual, show off your unique personality whilst capturing leads.

This can be done easily on the left side bar whilst you’re creating your landing page.

Click on the 3 bars next to the word Elementor and it will show you other settings as seen in the images below.

elementor wordpress plugin

Clicking the site settings, you can change the default styles and colors. Save your new defaults by clicking update.

Now you’ve created a landing page with Elementor.

fireworks relieved you've designed a landing page with Elementor WordPress plugin

You can now view your brand spanking new landing page.

Not quite happy it’s not giving you the functionality you want?

Why not check out Elementor Pro and if upgrading to Elementor Pro is a smart choice for you.

Upgrading To Elementor Pro

As a freelancer and blogger, I’ve found that Elementor is great for basic requirements to create landing pages. Although, Elementor Pro has lots more to help convert website visitors into leads.

Do I Need Elementor Pro?

To answer that question, let’s take a look at what Elementor Pro has that the free version doesn’t.

With the Elementor Pro version you can also get these 50+ elements

elementor wordpress plugin

There is a popup builder inside of Elementor Pro version, not inside the free version. Watch the video to learn more

Other great benefits to Elementor Pro are

  • Integration with Woocommerce (15+ Shop Widgets)
  • Marketing Integrations
  • Additional Page Templates Available
  • Exclusive Blocks Available
  • More Interactive
  • Portfolio Widgets
  • Design Header and Footer

As you can see you get quite a lot from Elementor Pro.

In A Nutshell,

Using the Elementor WordPress plugin is a great plugin to create a landing page. Deciding to use the free version or upgrade to Elementor Pro comes down to what you want from your landing page.

If you just want a beautiful looking page that is SEO friendly, then stick to the free version. Or if you want to create a landing page that captures leads and integrates with marketing software, then upgrade to Elementor Pro.

Don’t forget to download your checklist to start and grow your own freelance business.

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