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5 Data entry jobs for beginners

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Data entry jobs are out there and advertised all over the Internet. But which data entry job should you be doing to start freelancing? Inside this blog post, we’ll be uncovering 5 data entry jobs out there and how you can get started.

  1. CRM
  2. Web Research
  3. Accounting
  4. Transcription
  5. PDF Conversion

Starting out as a freelancer, you’re possibly sat at your computer. Sat thinking that you’ve got absolutely no experience and nothing to offer people. I know how you feel! When I started freelancing and had a new baby, I felt I had nothing to offer.

So to overcome this negative thought, I took a look at my CV and thought about

  • Skills used in each job
  • What skills I was good at
  • Tasks that I loved to do

Then after some careful consideration and saw that skill which matched all 3 things. It turned out I loved to be online writing and had skills doing transcription.

Therefore, I started doing transcription work. Eventually getting so much work that I had to outsource and start a small agency model. This is what truly gave me the passion for freelancing. Loving freelancing so much and the opportunity it brings.

If you’re here ready to start freelancing but like me had no idea where to get started. These 5 data entry jobs are worth your time to take a look at.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are ‘affiliate links’. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.



CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is software a company uses to manage the relationships that a business has with its customers. Software typically used for this is

  • HubSpot
  • Salesforce
  • Monday
  • PipeDrive
  • Zoho

Getting a data entry job using this software, you really do need to have previous experience of doing so.

There is absolutely no point in trying to wing it. If you’ve never ever used them or even heard of the software. Because as soon as you start working for the client, it’ll show that you’ve never used them before.

Getting started with CRM

If you want to do a data entry job, start to become familiar with the CRM first. After you’ve become familiar with a CRM system, test it out. See how it works by adding potential clients into the CRM system.

Don’t worry, it’s just a dummy run and trial use.

Once you’ve become familiar with one of the systems, you can create a freelance profile. A profile showing that you’re the go-to expert in this software.

By pitching yourself as the go-to expert in a specific software. You’ll show your experience and get 2 great benefits in return. Benefit number 1 being that you can talk more about the software to the client confidently. Benefit number 2 is that you can charge a higher rate. Higher rates as you’re the go-to expert for this specific piece of software.

Does that sound a lot better than just winging it? Just don’t forget to use the free trial for the software you choose. Plus make the most of the time you’ve got. Learn all about the software and how it works in every feature it’s got. Usually, there is a knowledge base in the software to help guide you around.

Ultimately, you want to be able to get to a place where you just log on and can do any task required straight away without any issue.

Fiverr data entry jobs

Web Research

Web research in data entry is typically looking for specific business details then putting this in a spreadsheet or database.

Purposes for this is to do market research on their competitors or even collect leads that they can cold pitch later. You may have heard of it being called web scraping, but it means the same thing.

Or you might have heard the term web mining. Web mining is similar to web research but it’s done on a larger scale to uncover trends and other valuable insights.

This may sound like an illegal activity after reading it. But in fact it’s a totally legitimate activity that businesses do. After all, websites do leave names, addresses, and email addresses. So it’s there to be seen without any dodgy tactics being used to get the information.


All businesses from the solopreneur to the largest brands in the world need to have there accounting done. Of course the largest brands will have a team of accountants but the smaller businesses don’t. This is where they seek help with their accounting.

They seek help by getting a piece of software that’s meant to help them get sorted out straight away. Typically, small businesses go for

  • Xero
  • Sage
  • Quickbooks
  • Clear Books
  • Free Agent

Problem is, small business owners don’t have the time to sort out their receipts and then put them all into the software. As the data entry assistant specializing in accounting software, this is where you come in and be their solution.

If you’re interested in accounting and have a head for numbers, then this could be the ideal data entry job for you.

Getting started with accounting

As with the CRM software, if you’re not experienced with any accounting software, choose one and become the expert in it.

Learn the accounting software and all of its features. So much that you know the product inside and out. You know how the product can help your client further with their business and help with taxes.

Create a freelance profile showcasing your knowledge and pitching how you can help clients when they use your services.

Also check out any other freelancers offering the same help with the same product and see what gap you can fill. When you spot a gap you always need to fill it. There is always someone who needs that help.


Transcription jobs are an old data entry job and how I got started freelancing.

There is plenty of demand out there for transcriptionists that are generalists or specialists in medical or legal transcription. Even more demand as they need people who are fluent in English and can understand regional variations in accents.

Plus each transcriptionists can only take on a small handful of clients at any one time, no matter how fast they are at typing.

To be a transcriptionist you need specialist software that can slow down the audio so you can type an listen to the audio at the same time. Plus you need to have good grammar skills, this is a typical requirement of all transcriptionists.

Pay for transcriptionists tends to be pay per minute of the audio. When I was transcribing, videos that needed to be transcribed were a much higher pay than just simple audio.

With the rise of video marketing and podcasts, there is no shortage of transcription work. So if you love to write and need a job with no previous experience needed then this is the perfect job for you.

Getting started with Transcription

To get started, listen to a podcast or watch a video. Create a portfolio of 3 transcriptions. Now create a freelance profile pitching your transcription services and the minimum you’ll work for.

In creating your portfolio, you should get an idea of how much time it takes you to create transcription for 10 minutes of audio. This will give you your base line to work out your rate per minute of audio.

PDF Conversion

Small businesses are often looking for a quick one off project where they can convert their PDF file into a Word doc or Spread Sheet. So if you’re a real whizz at Office products and PDF’s, then this is the ideal data entry job for you.

If you can add any graphic design or editing on top of this service then you’re on to a winner. As the chances are you’re helping someone who needs this.

Whenever PDF files are converted it won’t always come out 100% perfect and so whilst you’re perfecting the document, you can offer to create a cover design or edit the document for grammatical errors.

Check out what other freelancers are offering and see if there is anything else you do that isn’t already being offered.

In A Nutshell,

That’s the 5 top data entry jobs out there on the Internet right now for you to choose from. But before you choose which data entry job fits you. Decide if it’s something that you’ll enjoy doing and know the software needed to provide the freelancing service.

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