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If you’ve not jumped onto the bandwagon of creating Instagram Reels these fun short videos, why not?

They’re fun and get’s you seen by way more people. But let’s get into the all-important stats.

People who use Instagram Reels receive a whopping 22% higher engagement rate. Higher engagement rate equates to a happier Instagram algorithm.

One of the biggest things holding businesses back from utilizing reels in their strategy is that it just takes too much time.

I get it. The idea of creating videos can be time-consuming.

Or you’re just not a video editor and can’t ever create polished videos that’ll make you go viral.

Even the idea of having to be on camera quite scary, especially if you’re an introvert or shudder at the thought of just taking a selfie.

But don’t worry, I’ve got you with these 9 tips to help you overcome these barriers.

In this blog post, I’m going to be sharing a process for creating strategic Reels that’s gonna take less than 10 minutes.

Figure out what content you’re going to be creating

What the heck should you be creating for your Reel?

Write down your big goal for the Reel. Is it to advertise your new products, to entertain your audience, or just to build brand awareness?

When creating an Instagram Reel always plan or you're planning to fail

Figure out what you want to get from your Reels as this will guide what content you should be creating.

Next, you want to go back to the keywords that you want to be found for on the platform.

Take a look at what content is at the top for those keywords and get planning.

Plan how you can create similar content but adds your own personality and magic.

But never ever forget that the video is to deliver content that your customers want to be seeing.

Tap into what are customers are wanting to know more about.

Stuck for ideas? Check out questions being asked on the forum Quora for your keyword and you’ll be filled with ideas.

Thought about the music?

Adding music to your Instagram Reel increases engagement.

Work out the best music to add by checking out what music is trending on the platform then click save. This will help you in the editing process later on.

Develop your script so you don’t get caught out having to think on the spot

Scripting your video may sound like a tedious task, but actually, when you break it down, it’s quick and easy to do that can be done in under a minute.

Basically what you need to do is create an outline that breaks down the main points being made and what images or video is going to be used in the Reel.

Creating this outline will leave you stopping feeling silly on camera and thinking on the spot whilst filming.

Here are 3 tips for scripting your video

  1. Start with the end
  2. What main points are you giving and how can you deliver them in a short concise way?
  3. Will you be on screen and what will you be doing?

Not got any ideas of what your video should look like?

Take a look in the discovery page or at influencers in your niche and get inspired.

You can model your own Reels on what you love, just don’t copy, only be inspired.

What’s your style?

Your followers on Instagram love you! Remember this always.

It can be easy to get caught up in self-doubt when we aren’t seeing any growth.

But you need to keep the faith and persevere.

So getting back to creating an Instagram Reel, think about how you can add your style.

Think about who you are and how you can be genuine in the video.

If dancing on camera is not you, then don’t do it.

You can be walking around making a coffee and showing life in your niche.

Alternatively, you could be just walking down your hallway making the points you want to make.

Just be you and add your style.

Then think about the music you want to add. How can you incorporate the track into your video?

Let’s get filming

Filming your Reel doesn’t take long to do. After all, it’s just a short video that less than a minute long.

Before you start filming think about

  • Location
  • Lighting

Location of your Reel can be simply just your home.

Of course you don’t want anything to be in the background that shouldn’t be.

You may want to use several locations in your home or just choose the one.

Great lighting is essential so people can see you clearly and in a good light.

For creating my Instagram Reels I love using my ring light.

With my ring light I can use the clamp to hold my phone up and put the light settings to warm which appears to be more flattering for me.

You can get a ring light pretty cheap from Amazon for less than £30.

The other option is natural light.

Yes, this is the UK and natural light is harder to come by in the Winter. But when you can get it use it.

Use natural light by standing in front of your window and putting the camera in front of the window.

If you stand with your back to the window, disaster ahead.

You’ll become a shadow!

Always face the window and never have your back to it.

It’s important to note that you don’t need to keep an eye on the time whilst filming.

If you run longer than a minute it can get trimmed down.

Argh trimming? How do you do that?

That’s what we’re getting onto next. How to edit so you create your Instagram Reel like a pro.

Time to get editing and make your Reel polished

Here’s my little secret!

I edit my Reels with the app Canva.

Hold up! Don’t you record the video inside of Instagram?

No, I don’t.

I just record the video on my phone as any other time I would be recording a video.

This allows me to upload the video directly onto Canva.

After uploading I can

  • Cut the videos down to size (yes that dastardly trimming we talked about earlier)
  • Add in extra images at certain points
  • Make cool transition effects
  • Place text at specific times

After you’re done editing the video on Canva, download and upload it onto Instagram so you can add that music.

To add music, go on to Instagram and create a Reel.

Upload the edited video you’ve just done on Canva and then hit the music icon at the top of your screen.

Here you’ll find that music you saved earlier.

Choose that saved file and it’ll add to your Reel and just like that you’re done editing.

Now was that really a long painful job to do?

Get comfortable editing videos by doing it regularly and allowing yourself to be creative..

Write your Instagram caption to get more views on your Reels

Now we can’t be thinking about creating an Instagram Reel without writing that caption.

Captions aren’t just for regular posts, they’re for the Reels too.

My best tip for writing your caption is actually to reference that outline again and the main points being made in the Reel.

Short captions are really great for entertaining and snappy Reels.

Longer captions are really good for adding even more value to videos that might just grab the viewer’s attention.

Have a cover photo that will attract attention to your Reel

Your cover photo can be a slide from your video or an image you’ve created.

The most important thing to your cover photo is that it needs to

  • Tell people what your Reel is about instantly
  • Is eye-catching so people want to watch your Reel

Whatever type of cover photo option that you choose, you want to focus on a title that really hooks people.

Well, that’s it! You’re now ready to publish your Reel.

Don’t forget to respond to any comments you get. You can also use your Reel for other platforms including TikTok, Pinterest, and Facebook.

In A Nutshell,

Instagram Reels are just one part of your entire strategy for brand awareness or generating sales.

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