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Copywriting podcasts that levels up your writing skills.

Welcome, fellow word warriors and aspiring copywriting maestros! In a world where every sentence has the potential to captivate, persuade, and inspire, mastering the art of copywriting is an invaluable skill. Whether you’re a budding copywriter or a seasoned wordsmith looking to stay on top of your game, you’re about to embark on an exhilarating journey that will revolutionize your craft.

Journey Of The Copywriter

As we journey through this remarkable realm of auditory delights, we’ll explore the dynamic range of topics covered by these podcasts. From the psychology of persuasion to the secrets of storytelling, from mastering SEO copywriting to the art of writing persuasive sales pages, the knowledge shared by industry experts will become your secret weapon.

Now, let’s not forget our dear keywords, for they are the guiding stars leading aspiring copywriters towards this treasure trove of wisdom. So, for all you enthusiastic keyword hunters out there, we’ve got you covered. Throughout this captivating blog post, we’ll sprinkle a generous dose of those magic keywords to ensure you have a delightful and optimized reading experience!

So, dear copywriting aficionados, if you’re ready to sharpen your wordplay, ignite your creativity, and uncover the secrets of crafting compelling copy, fasten your seatbelts! Get ready to explore the very best copywriting podcasts, where knowledge and entertainment converge to give rise to true copywriting prowess.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that excessive exposure to these podcasts may result in unstoppable copywriting brilliance, an insatiable hunger for creating engaging content, and a newfound ability to turn everyday conversations into mesmerizing tales of persuasion. Proceed with caution and let your copywriting journey begin!

5 Best Copywriting Podcasts To Improve Your Marketing And Writing Skills

Copyblogger Podcast

copyblogger podcast to learn copywriting skills by ethan brookes and tim stoddart

Ethan Brookes hosts the CopyBlogger podcast. Ethan is regularly joined by co-host Tim Stoddart whenever he doesn’t have a guest. In these episodes you’ll find lots of cool information that can help your business.

Whenever Ethan isn’t joined by Tim, he interviews guests. These interviews are about content marketing mainly.

More recently, he’s been doing interviews surrounding the topic of AI generated content. Recently with the launch of ChatGPT, this issue has become more and more relevant. 

But what else will you get from the podcast?

Plus a ton of other stuff around the topic of building an online business. Listen to the podcast on Audible by clicking the button below.

Recipe For SEO Success Show

recipe for SEO success podcast by kate toon

Tackle the beast that is Google with the award-winning SEO copywriter Kate Toon. Kate brings you her podcast the recipe for SEO success show.

Whether you’re a copywriter, blogger, or website owner that relies on traffic from search engines (a strategy known as SEO), check out this podcast.

Left scratching your head thinking what on earth is SEO, why do I need it, and how do I do it? This podcast will help you navigate your way through the whole SEO world.

Coming from the viewpoint of a copywriter and how SEO affects what you write, she doesn’t just cover this.

Along with a wide range of experts, they cover different topics SEO affects. Topics including

Listening to the podcast, you’ll learn how to use SEO to boost your business, learn how to tackle the beast that is Google, and write copy that converts.

Copy That Pops Podcast

Improve your SEO with the copy that pops copywriting podcasts by laura peterson

Marketing and copy uses a lot of psychology.

That’s why this podcast is a must-listen to for learning persuasive copy tips and psychological hacks.

Listen to this podcast and you’ll be left armed knowing how to write persuasive copy, psychological hacks, how to write and sell a best-selling book on Amazon.

But this podcast is not just aimed at authors, it’s aimed at anyone who needs copy in their business.

Copy that pops podcast is hosted by Laura Peterson and regularly has guest expert interviews.

Laura is a high school teacher turned digital nomad entrepreneur with a penchant for writing compelling copy and self-publishing bestselling books.

If you’re looking at brushing up your copywriting skills, tune into this podcast.

Brandfetti Podcast

brandfetti podcast by anita siek

Get to grips with consumer psychology, branding, and copywriting with Brandfetti.

Want to know how you can write copy that gets inside the reader’s head. Listen to Brandfetti hosted by Anita Siek and craft copy that understands consumer psychology and words.

Filled with authentic copywriting tips that focus on the psychology behind the words. Anita and her podcast are about the little tweaks you can make to your copy that make a huge difference.

Previous episodes of the podcast include

With this brief glimpse into the type of episodes, you’ll find on Brandfetti, you can see that this podcast focuses on copywriting tips.

So if you’re seeking a podcast that focuses solely on copywriting, then check out this podcast.

Inspire Your Success Podcast

inspire your success by michael leonard

Make money copywriting with this podcast.

Looking for an inspirational podcast to give you that boost for building your freelance writing business? Inspire your success podcast goal is to give you the inspiration and strategies to build an epic online business.

Listening to Michael Leonard and his guests, you’ll learn how to achieve success in your freelancing business using their own experiences.

It’s truly inspiring to hear what worked for other freelance writers as well as what absolutely didn’t work.

If you’re someone who wants to start making money from writing, check out this podcast.


After listening to any one of these podcasts you’ll have more insight into the world of marketing, copywriting, and consumer psychology. Whether you want to write copy for your own business or for clients, you’re now able to use the advice and real-world stories so that you write better copy.

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