7 Hot Copywriting Jobs That Earn Big Money In 2023

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Struggling to find copywriting jobs in 2022?

Copywriting is a hot niche to do freelancing in.

Even better there are never enough freelancers offering copywriting services.

Copywriting jobs are everywhere.

You’ll find them on social media sites, job boards, and Google.

But is copywriting right for you?

Copywriting jobs are for anyone who can use their words to engage with consumers at every stage of the sales funnel and convert them.

If you’ve got a hidden talent for writing copy that converts then copywriting jobs may be for you.

Don’t get discouraged if you’ve got no experience as a copywriter.

You can still find copywriting jobs when you’ve got no experience.

In 2022, 80% of copywriters earning between $46k – $58k per year.

Become skilled at writing stories and using persuasive writing techniques, and you can have a profitable career in copywriting.

As consumer demand changes, companies have to adapt their copywriting methods to fit with this change in demand.

Learn here the 3 steps to start a freelance copywriting business without any experience.

7 Hot Copywriting Jobs That Earn Big Money In 2022

If you understand how people consume ads and content that make them want to buy the product or service on offer.

You should seriously consider starting a career in copywriting.

Although, if you don’t know what copywriting service to offer clients, check out these hot niches to offer your copywriting services.

Email Copy

Email marketing is in demand.

Contrary to common misconceptions that email marketing is dead, email marketing is still being used.

Used widely by businesses of all sizes.

Businesses from the solopreneur to the largest brands.

Just take a look at Amazon, they use email marketing to promote their products.

You take a look at some prducts and add them to your basket or buy them.

Then lo and behold.

You’ve got emails from Amazon suggesting other products you might be interested in.

If you’ve got a talent to write emails that get clicks and subject lines that increase open rates, you should seriously consider becoming an email copywriter.

You can do email copywriting jobs online without any experience.

Put together some samples of your writing and use that as your portfolio when getting clients.

How to become an email copywriter

To become an email copywriter, it starts with deciding your niche and best people to write emails for.

For example, if you’re great at writing persuasive emails selling mother and baby products, you should be looking at creating a portfolio and targeting that market.

Next, you need to create samples.

Samples are what will sell you to potential clients.

Make sure that you create samples for your target market.

That’ll convince them of your writing abilities.

In short, if you’re talented at writing emails that convert into open rates, click-through rates, and sales, then email copywriting is for you.

Email copywriting is a great route for these copywriting jobs in 2022.

Get started by defining your service, target market, and create samples to convert leads into clients.

However if you struggle to write emails, use these email templates to kickstart your copywriting career.

optimized email templates

Messenger bots

Messenger bots are huge especially on Facebook as well as businesses own websites.

Problem is that businesses don’t have the time to write these messenger bots.

Or try to write for one but just end up sounding like a robot and lose leads.

You may have seen messenger bots when

  • Signing up for a webinar on Facebook
  • Going on to a brands website saying “how can I help you today”

These messages are there for businesses to keep leads interested and further down the sales funnel.

If you’ve got a talent for writing messenger bot messages that engage with the customers, then businesses want you.

Businesses understand how powerful messenger bots are and help them convert leads into sales.

Freelancers who have

  • Strong customer service
  • Know problem-solving techniques tend
  • Killer communication skills

These freelancers tend to do well-writing copy for messenger bots.

Messenger bots are huge and will be growing as AI technology expands.

Get in now and get these lucrative online copywriting jobs making money writing for Facebook and websites.

work from home virtual assistant proofreading jobs

Landing pages

Whenever a business or brand sells a service or product they need a landing page.

To get email subscribers, clients need a landing page.

Or if they’re marketing a webinar, they need a landing page to get an audience watching their webinar.

With this demand from businesses to have landing pages at every stage of their sales funnel, they need copywriters to make sure that their landing page converts.

Getting a landing page to convert, it’s not just about the video or the graphics.

Landing pages need great copy to convert.

If you’ve got solid experience in writing sales copy or copy specifically for landing pages then these copywriting jobs may be for you.

Requirements of a landing page copywriter are to be working with the team who are working on the same project such as the email copywriters, product developers, and graphic designers.

Facebook ads

Facebook ads are still hot.

When Facebook ads have captivating and persuasive copy, then people sign up for whatever free offer is put in front of them.

This social media giant has a lot of data on everybody.

They know precisely what you’ve been looking at and what you’re interested in.

Even more scarily they know about you and the precise demographics they fit into.

When a coach, consultant, entrepreneur, or business in a very specific niche has a great offer, they need to use Facebook ads.

If you’ve got experience of writing direct response copy?

Put together samples (and if possible results) for potential clients to see.

Just don’t forget to put together samples that are in the niche you’re targeting.

This is what’ll make you stand out and stand apart from the competition.

Video sales letter

Video marketing is everywhere.

Videos are on

  • Tik Tok
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

The list goes on and on.

Those who use video marketing in their sales funnel at each stage builds what’s known as the know, like, and trust factor.

When entrepreneurs, businesses, and brands do build these factors they get closer to closing the sales.

Provide copy for video sales letters that shows you know how to hook people from the start and keep them engaged.

If you have experience of writing compelling and engaging video copy, then these copywriting jobs is for you.

To get started, find people who already have a YouTube channel, but their videos are not engaging.

Alternatively, if you land on someone’s landing page and their video is not great, reach out to them with suggestions.


Just like the video sales letter, webinars are huge.

Webinars are widely used by businesses and brands as they get high ticket sales from them.

Therefore, if you can write

  • Engaging copy for a webinar that starts with a huge hook
  • Goes through a journey
  • Ends with a sales pitch that converts

Consider offering copywriting services for brands and business owners who use webinars as part of their business model.

Social media posts

Social media posts are being written by professional copywriters for entrepreneurs, large businesses, and brands.

Simply, they just don’t have the time to figure out how or what to write for their next post.

That next post to go viral or just even get some traction that’ll grow their following.

This copywriting job is perfect for you if you’re always on social media posting.

On social media posting away writing posts that are highly engaging and converts.

There’s a huge demand for this service for all the platforms that’s out there right now and coming in the future. Just have a clear idea of the client niche that you’re going to best write copy for and then pitch them.

Pitch clients by showing your previous results and how precisely you can help the client.

In A Nutshell,

Choose from any one of these hot copywriting jobs and you’ll easily find clients. Start with the copy service that best fits you. If you’re a social media ninja, video copywriter or email marketer, choose the service that best matches you then find your ideal clients, create some samples, and pitch them.

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