Content Writing Services

Content writing services

Content writing at its foundation starts with website copy and blogs.

A good blog drives traffic but great content writing can drive traffic, convert traffic into leads, build an email list, increase revenue, and your authority in your niche.

To create a great blog you need to understand the target market and what they’re tapping into Google. Answer all of their questions. Write so you’re speaking to their hearts and emotions. Understand this you’re one step closer to your sales goals.

When you create a blog that is evergreen, you can then repurpose it for eBooks, videos, lead magnets, infographics, social media, and podcasts. So buying a blog post is investing into your business to continually market your product and services. 

I’ve been creating blog posts since 2015 and in that time I’ve created sales, email subscribers, and plenty of website traffic. If you want a piece of the website traffic pie. Fill out the form below to get 5 blog ideas that’s unique to your business.

Keyword Research

Original Researched Content



Do you want to drive more targeted traffic to your website that will convert into leads and sales. If the answer is YES then look no further. I can create for you a blog post of 900 words that speaks to your target markets problem. 

Finding you the best keywords to be using to help you rank on Google. Keywords that your target market are typing into Google to search for your product.

All blogs created are 100% original and thoroughly researched that’s backed up by studies and link to trusted authoritative sites.

My aim is to help your business grow with well crafted blogs. Using your brand voice, we shall create for you content that is compelling from start to finish. Keep reading to find out how the process works when working with me.

How It Works

Each Stage Of Working With Alison
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stage 1 - Researching

Fill out the form below for 5 blog post ideas that are unique to your business. Purpose of this form is to know what you want your content to be about and your desired keyword. From there we will research what content to put in your blog and structure it. Structure the content so that is satisfies the search intent of the keyword as well as choosing the best keyword for your content.

Stage 2 - Writing

If you like all, some, or 1 of the blog post ideas. You can choose to write it yourself. But if you’re short of time, an experienced content writer will do the hard work for you. As writing commences you can keep in contact with us as to the progress of your content. You’ll be given a customer support email where you can ask questions or want to know about the progress of the blog.

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Review time! I shall send you the drafts so you can look over them. Then if you want to make some changes for whatever reason, we will do the amendments. Typically, this can happen at the start of the relationship as we learn more about your business. 

Frequently asked questions

If you want great content that

  • Drives Website Traffic
  • Positions You As The Expert 
  • Reuse The Content For Emails, Videos, Social Media Posts, & Infographics

No problem!

During the strategy session, we will discuss what you want your blog to be about and who your target market are. From there I will use all of the available tools at my disposal for which keyword to target. Then using what we discussed and the information from the keyword research, me and my team will craft content that Google will love.

When you order 5 blog posts then there is a discount of £50. These shall be completed within 4 working weeks.

If however you want even more, then email to ask and I will reply with a quote and a link to order.

Got Any Questions?

If you have any questions, you can either email or contact me on LinkedIn
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