Cold Email Template To Grow Your Freelance Business In 2023

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Achieve 40% response rate with your cold emails using a template to get clients.

Using this cold email template, you’ll get clients. Clients who were strangers you found on social media or search engines.

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Have you ever

  • Sat down to write a cold email and then didn’t send it
  • Sent a campaign of cold emails and heard nothing back

Stop procrastinating over your cold email and whether you should send it. Using this template, you’ll have the confidence to generate sales. That’s because you’re sending an email that’ll get responded to and convert into sales.

It’s very frustrating at the very beginning of your freelancing career.

Sending out countless cold emails and nobody is responding. All you hear is crickets, feeling disheartened, and that you should go back to the J-O-B.

Build a list of warm leads by getting clients from Facebook groups.

Use this guide so you have a clear path. A clear path to create an email that not only skyrockets your response rate but converts into sales.

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Before we get started with the template, let’s get clear on what cold emailing is.

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What Is Cold Emailing?

Cold emailing is sending an initial email to someone you’ve got no prior relationship with. You may have experienced cold calling over the telephone or face to face by knocking on your door.

You know, those countless telephone calls from a company trying to sell you something. A salesman comes to your door offering you an amazing deal for your utilities, this is cold calling.

Cold emailing is how freelancers do cold calling.

As a freelancer, you’re not picking up the phone or going to their office and selling to clients. Instead, freelancers are using cold emailing. Cold emailing is as effective to bring in new clients.

This client acquisition strategy has earned a bad reputation because it was a tactic. A tactic used to send unsolicited, pushy, and spammy email messages to random people.

But this tactic evolved and is now one of the best ways to grow your email list and generate new leads. The only trick is that you need to do it right if you want success.

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Cold Email Template To Grow Your Freelance Business In 2023

Write an introduction that’s relevant to the prospect and your offer

Start your email with an introduction that states how you know the recipient. Make it clear from the start so the prospect doesn’t have to guess how you know them.

When the prospect sees how you know them or that you’ve even been a client of theirs before, then they are more open to reading the email further.

An example of an introduction in your cold email is

Hi [Name]

I’ve just checked out your latest blog on blog title and thought it was great.

Use this introduction as a template and customize it to your prospect and how you found them. Make sure that this introduction is completely relevant to your offer.

Address the prospects pain points

Your cold email is being sent to your prospect so you can sell your services. To sell your services effectively you want to address the prospects pain points.

Pain points that are keeping your clients up at night and want a solution to immediately.

An example of how to address those pain points in your cold email is

With all of the high quality content you’ve been putting out, it’s surprising you haven’t started turning your blogs into infographics.

By turning them into infographics you can attract links to your website, boost your authority, and gain more organic traffic to your website.

As you can see on the example, we’re not directly pointing out the pain point. But stating how the prospect can use their existing content to boost their website traffic.

Boosting website traffic is a pain point of business owners who are seeking more customers and sales.

Think about your own prospects pain point and how what you offer can help them. Use the template and customize it for your own prospects.

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Bring a solution to the table

The prospect is now clear on what pain point they’re suffering from your targeting. Now it’s time to bring in your solution.

Your solution as always need to be completely relevant to your prospect and their pain point.

An example of how you solve those pain points in your cold email is

Now if you’re interested my company helps content creators like yourself create infographics that attracts traffic to your website using your blog.

We handle all the design and content management, ensuring it fits with your brand, and make this extremely simple for you.

You can add an extra section to name drop any previous clients you’ve worked with. Name dropping previous clients will give you extra credibility with the prospect, but don’t worry if you’ve not got this.

Instead of naming previous clients, attach your portfolio of work so that the prospect can see your ability.

Customize this section of the cold email template to your own freelance business.

Write a clear call to action so you’re one step closer to closing the sale

Your most important part of your cold email, asking for the prospect to take an action where they show their interest in your freelance services.

In asking them to take action, don’t ask them for a sale at this point. Instead ask the prospect to reach out to you if they’re interested in working with you. (When they reach out is when you close the sale)

When writing your call to action make it clear. Clear to the prospect for what they need to do.

An example of how you write your call to action in your cold email is

So if you’re interested in getting more organic traffic with infographics, feel free to schedule a time to discuss on my calendar (link to scheduling app such as Acuity)

Best wishes,

Your name

Choose whichever call to action you want them to take and you feel comfortable with.

Just make sure that you customize the call to action for you freelance business and feels more natural for you.

In A Nutshell,

Use the cold email template and write a clear concise pitch to your prospects without feeling like a sleazy salesman. When you’ve got your subscribers opening your emails, use these email templates to craft the perfect email that boosts your sales.

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