3 Secrets to More Clicks in Your Emails

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Increase your click-through rate with these secrets. You’ve increased your email open rates, but now you need the subscriber to take that extra bit of action and click-through to your offer. With the 3 secrets uncovered, you’ll learn how to get those clicks that increase your sales.

You’ve spent months creating that all-important lead magnet. Creating a marketing campaign and hustling away all to build that email list.

Don’t let those efforts go in vain. You’ve got subscribers on your email list. Now you need to get that return on investment (ROI) and start generating sales.

This is where the click-through rate comes in. As to generate sales and get that ROI you need clicks. Those clicks are to push that subscriber away from the email and onto the product you’re promoting or to book a call with you.

So let’s look closer at what it’s all about and how you can increase them with the 3 secrets.

Why should you care about your click-through rate?

Your click-through rate is essentially an analysis that tells you the percentage of people who clicked your links inside your email.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it

Peter Drucker

So looking at your email marketing software analytics, you should be looking at your click-through rate.

This will tell you of the people who opened your email, how many of them did that other click to the offer inside your email.

If you didn’t get any clicks, you can use that information. Information to think about what can be done to improve that situation.

Maybe you can improve the copy or images?

Then in the next email make a change or do a split test to see what works better.

You sent that email for people to do a specific action. If people are not doing that action, you need to look at your analytics, think like the reader, and then make the changes.

What is a good click-through rate?

What’s a good click-through rate depends on many factors.

These factors include the industry you’re in and how engaged your subscribers are. But typically good stats to see are 2 – 6%.

But whatever industry you’re in, you want to see good stats in your email marketing software. Don’t forget to check out the deadly email marketing mistakes to avoid.

Use the 3 secrets to get more clicks in your emails.

email templates

Have only one call to action

You’re creating an email to help someone in their journey and you may have this common problem. Problem of having multiple products that you know are great for the subscriber.

Now, sometimes this is OK. OK, when you have a digest of your latest blog posts or news. But when you are promoting a product, you should only have one call to action.

So to help you get to grips with this, (especially if you’re guilty of having loads of different links). Think of what’s the purpose of this email? Do you want them to

  • Buy a product
  • Contact you
  • Read an article

Whatever it is, it’s easier for the email recipient to just have that one thing. Rather than being overwhelmed by lots of different things.

Before you send the email, look at the email from the reader’s point of view. Is it clear what action you’re wanting them to take?

Also, are you putting into the copy, what’s in it for them? After all, when they read that email, all they can think is what’s in it for me. So be clear and concise in your copy.

Sprinkle your call to action

If you’re writing a long email, you need to start sprinkling those links throughout your email.

Even though you’re linking to that one product, if you’ve got a long email you need to make your link visible.

So you’ve got that introductory paragraph to hook people in and then you have a call to action.

Then you explain to them why they should click that call to action. Remember, give them that what’s in it for me, give the reader that here.

Add social proof or testimonials to back up anything you say. Then drop that link.

I drop that link 3 – 4 times in my emails and get a good click-through rate. Which increases our bottom line at Freelancer Lifestyle.

You want to drop that link 3-4 times, but how? You don’t want to drop links that leave you looking like a spammer.

So here are 3 different ways in which you can drop your links.

  • Link to text you naturally talk about in a sentence
  • On own line saying watch the masterclass or book a call for example
  • In your PS (this works for skim readers and jump straight to the end)

Whenever you drop a link, it needs to make sense.

Making sense by having a link that fits with the content. Also, make sense with your own goals in the customer journey.

Always look at your customer journey map. Think where the email recipient is right now in that journey and give links that fit them.

In A Nutshell,

Those are the 3 secret ways to increase your click-through rate. Using these 3 secrets and you’ll get more sales for your freelance business. Don’t forget to check out these 39 email templates to turn email subscribers into sales.

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