SEO (Search engine optimization) is the marketing strategy that freelance businesses use to get their business on search engines. SEO take into consideration many factors including website content and social media signals as well as other websites linking to your site. Use the news, tools, and resources in this section of Freelancer Lifestyle to understand how you can use SEO in your freelance business and get clients.

5 keyword research tools for SEO compared

Want to start attracting targeted visitors to your website? Then check out these 5 keyword research tools for SEO. What are keyword research tools for SEO? There are 7 billion┬ásearches done per day in 2020. This is a huge growth in comparison to 2016. As only 5.5 billion searches in 2016. This tells you that Google is still growing and you need to get your freelance business found on Google. Social media is great for building a community. It enables […]

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