SEO (Search engine optimization) is the marketing strategy that freelance businesses use to get their business on search engines. SEO take into consideration many factors including website content and social media signals as well as other websites linking to your site. Use the news, tools, and resources in this section of Freelancer Lifestyle to understand how you can use SEO in your freelance business and get clients.

5 SEO Basics Freelancers Need To Master

Want to turn your website into a lead-generating machine? Then you need to master SEO basics. SEO basics are all freelancers need to master so they can turn their website into a lead-generating machine. You don’t need to become a master at SEO and know every aspect of it, including technical SEO. Inside this blog, you’ll learn these 5 SEO basics. Build your links User-Friendly Pages Site Speed Mobile Optimization Social Signals Do you have a website offering freelance services […]

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