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onboarding new clients

3 Steps For Onboarding New Clients

Onboarding new clients are important to do even as a freelancer as it builds a great client freelancer relationship right from the start. Onboarding new clients create that strong foundation for success that we need. Plus, onboarding new clients will establish specific ways in which you will be working together without any ill-feeling. Though before …

questions to ask in an interview

Top 4 Questions To Ask In An Interview

Having an interview or consultation with a potential client is your time to make a great first impression. An interview is the time to also establish rapport, trust, and understand the scope of the project plus any expectations you would expect from each other. Having a checklist of questions to ask in an interview helps …

Create a landing page in wordpress

Create a landing page in WordPress

Want to turn your website into a lead generation machine for your freelance business? When you create a landing page in WordPress, then you can convert your site into leads and sales. Before you create a landing page in WordPress, you need to understand What is a landing page The 3 plugins you need to …

freelance website

How do I build a freelance website?

I often get asked ‘How do I build a freelance website?’. Websites are an important part of any successful freelancer business as you need an online business. WordPress websites are a great option in creating a freelance website that you can design yourself and give it the functionality you need.

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