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business tools for your freelance business
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Business tools are needed to help them start and scale. The same is true for freelancers. Even though we’re just very small businesses, we still need tools to help us.

This is why I’m giving you a roundup of all of the business tools I use for my freelance business. Plus, also all of the trainings I have taken to help me in my journey as a freelancer.

Disclosure: There are affiliate links where I earn a commission if you decide to buy any of these business tools for building your freelance business.

Online Marketing Software


To get your freelance business off the ground, you need some of business tools out there.

Marketing software, are great business tools to grow an engaged email list and collect leads. Here are the top 3 business tools I recommend for marketing your freelance business.

business tools for email marketing

Powerful, simplified tool to send emails, create pages, and automate your marketing. Start your 30 day free trial by clicking the image to the left.

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business tool for lead generation

Customer relationship management (CRM) software designed to keep you selling. Try a free 14 day trial by clicking the image to the left.

Work smarter not harder with an alternative email marketing software. Click the image to the left to get a free month.

Create A Website

To create a website, firstly you need a host. 

Using the analogy of renting an empty house from a landlord. The landlord is the website host that you want to rent from. As with the house, you can design your website however you like but the landlord provides the fixtures and fittings.

Therefore the website host I recommend is called BlueHost which is trusted by WordPress. Also, to help you design your home/website, use the tool Elementor. Elementor is a WordPress plugin/app that allows you to create beautiful pages and posts.

business tools to host your website

Build your own freelance website with a trusted WordPress host by clicking the image to the left.

business tools to design your website

Join other freelancers who use Elementor to design their WordPress pages and posts with beautiful templates. See what’s available by clicking the image to the left.

Accounting Software

Sage Accounting is software for managing your freelance business’s accounting. It allows you to quickly and easily create and track invoices, track cash flow, accept payments, record transactions, automate admin, capture expenses, and much more.

Online Courses

As a freelancer, you need guidance. Guidance from different mentors who can help you in each aspect of your freelance business.

The 4 courses listed below are valuable to start and scale a freelance business as they help to

  • Generate leads
  • Build an engaged email list
  • Create a freelance business you’re meant to have
  • Skills to offer your clients

Join GetResponse University’s exclusive List Building Program. Just click the image to the left to get started for free and have an engaged email list in 90 days.

business tools workshop to get high end clients

Watch the workshop to help you have a strategy to get high end freelance clients from LinkedIn. Watch the workshop instantly when you click the image ot the left.

The Freelancer ‘Kick-Start’ course guides you through a complete DIY process of setting up your Freelance Service Business – FAST, and on a tiny budget too!

Read The Review Here

This is a complete set of (9) role-based workshops that focus on “Skillegy” – both skills & strategy so you’ll know how to pitch, process and deliver these services online to quickly develop your highly efficient & very profitable online service business!

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