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9 Steps For Freelancers To Actually Hit (Or Surpass) Your Business Goals

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As a freelancer you’re growing and evolving. When you start your freelance journey, your life is at one stage but now you’re at another. Use these 9 steps to set achievable business goals and grow your freelance career.

  1. Motivates you
  2. Break down goals into bite-sized chunks
  3. An action plan
  4. Review you progress
  5. Get an accountability partner
  6. Stay flexible, not overloaded
  7. Accept your imperfections
  8. Stay consistent
  9. Celebrate your wins (however small)

When you’re doing what you love then setting and smashing business goals is so much easier. Use the 9 steps so you can smash your goals and grow your freelance business.

Motivates you


What wakes you up in the morning and makes you want to jump out of bed excited for the day ahead?

Also, consider what do you find a drain on your energy and something that you avoid doing? Even going as far as completing tedious tasks that you just despise.

Concentrate on the strengths of what motivates you in running your freelance business.

This can entail doing specific client work. Such as you enjoy creating social media graphics for female life coaches, or you could enjoy developing WordPress sites for a specific niche.

But also, how you market your freelance business. If you prefer being on social media platforms and make really good connections on there, be there.

This will motivate you to be marketing your freelance business and as it’s a platform you enjoy, this will naturally come off in your posts and conversations.

Break down business goals into bite-sized chunks

You’ve written down a big goal, earning £120,000! This written down on its own can sound scary and intimidating. Though when you break down the £120,000 into small bite-sized chunks, your business goal is attainable.

So how can you achieve such a goal?

To begin with, you practically look at it’s £10,000 a month. Then take a look at your monthly packages. If you’ve a monthly package worth £1000, that’s 10 clients a month needed.

To get those 10 clients a month, you need to create an action plan of how you’ll market to them and close sales with them. Plus, make an irresistable package where they’ll require your services each month.

It’s a lot easier to retain an existing client base than getting new ones.

An action plan

An action plan to get those 10 clients a month is looking at your existing marketing channels and creating a plan to get in front of potential clients.

Take a look at your specific marketing platform (that motivates you). Work out how you can use it to raise brand awareness and attract high-quality leads.

Always remember to socialize on social media as that’s what it’s there for. Never lead with selling, lead with determination to raise your brand awareness and give value to your niche.

To conquer social media platforms, look at

  • Who’s active on your competitors posts, and comment on their comments
  • Use # that are relevant to your business and niche

Check out this social selling strategy and check out the free workshop so that you master social selling.

Use SMART goals to keep your action plan on track. If you don’t know what SMART goals are

A well-established tool that you can use to plan and achieve your goals. While there are a number of interpretations of the acronym’s meaning, the most common one is that goals should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

Mind Tools

By using SMART tools in your action plan, you create a commitment to your freelance business. Commitment that you’ll achieve the specific goal in a set time and how you’re going to achieve your goal.

Review you progress

Create a set of points at which you’ll take a look at your progress so far. As a freelancer you might want to take a look at your progress once a week (I do this check on a Wednesday to get over the midweek slump).

Keep check with your progress by looking at

  • Growth of your social media
  • Number of leads in your pipeline
  • Website visitors

After you’ve reviewed your progress so far, tweak your plan if you’ve learned any lessons.

Remember, it’s a plan and not written into stone. The most important thing is to achieve your goal, even if that means you have to make a few tweaks here and there.

Get an accountability partner

Having an accountability partner will help you to stay on track to smash your business goals. Accountability partners help even more especially if you

  • Get distracted by the shiny object syndrome
  • Lose hope of ever achieving your goal
  • Struggle to stay focused and end up doing lots of other things that aren’t relevant to your goal

Don’t know where to find accountability partners. Facebook groups of like minded individuals in the same niche (but not direct competitors) are great accountability partners.

With like minded individuals in the same niche have similar goals to you, but you’re not competing for the same clients.

For example, let’s say you’re a Pinterest virtual assistant. Join a Facebook group for graphic designers or virtual assistants. Connect with others who aren’t direct competitors and ask if they’re looking for an accountability partner.

Just make sure it’s someone you gel with and will keep you motivated. Plus you can help them the same in achieving their goals.

Stay flexible, not overloaded

Being a freelancer you’re solely responsible for your business. You’re in charge of marketing, sales, accounting, branding, and a whole host of other duties.

On top of that you’ve got normal life duties, looking after children, cleaning the house, and prepping meals.

Unless you’ve got a big support team behind you, it can be a real juggle. So as part of your action plan, create a schedule when you’re going to do specific tasks.

Creating schedules reduces the feeling of anxiety that you’re not getting everything done. Which leads to a feeling that you’re heading into complete and utter disaster.

Keep calm and create a schedule that works for you and your life. Doing this you can clearly see that you’ve got time to get and serve those 10 clients a month.

Accept your imperfections

Let’s get something straight, you’re not going to achieve absolute perfection in executing your plan. There’ll be set backs, life will happen and throw you off course.

When this happens, you’ve got 2 choices. Either to throw the towel and just give up. Or when you can, get straight back to achieving your goal. Do you think those gurus who you follow on social media have had it plain sailing?

No! They are still human and life happens to them. What sets them apart is that they don’t curl in a ball and give up. They get back to building their business as soon as they can.

The time set on the original plan may have to change, but the original goal is not changed.

Stay consistent

Consistency is key. When you’re consistent in your actions then you’ll see results.

You need to be consistent in your

  • Brand message
  • Results you give your clients
  • Marketing strategy

Staying consistent with your audience and potential clients get to know who you are and how you can help them. Going off track in your plan leaves clients unhappy with your offer and confused as to your message.

Be consistent by having a clear strategy to execute your business goals.

To help you stay consistent, take baby steps in completing each step of your strategy. Nobody starts at the top, but they all take small steps in getting their. Small steps consistently that are there getting them 1 step closerto their goal.

Celebrate your wins (however small)

Everytime you

  • Get a lead
  • Increase your website visitors
  • Grow your social media following
  • Getting a client

Celebrate it.

Celebrating each win no matter how small or big. By celebrating all of your wins, you keep up the momentum and stay driven to achieving your goal.

Life of a freelancer is up and down, feeling like we’re living on a non-stop roller coaster. So every time you reach a high, celebrate it however you want. As you never know when the next high will come.

In A Nutshell,

Achieve your business goals this month, year, or whenever you make them so that you progress your freelance business and don’t stay in the same place. Being a solopreneur doesn’t stop you from fulfilling your goals. Create an action plan and take baby steps to accomplish your dreams.

If you’re struggling to start freelancing, download the checklist to start a freelance business and get clients. Fill in the form below and the checklist will be in your inbox.

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