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Nowadays, people want to know how to build an email list fast especially if they run blogs or a freelance business. Some people perhaps still doubt its function. Especially when you keep hearing headlines of ‘Email Marketing is Dead’ or ‘Lead Magnets is Dead’.

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Though as soon as they know its impact on the traffic they will start changing their minds. Email marketing effectively increases blog traffic.

Email marketing is an effective way to communicate with your clients. Through an effective email list building strategy, you could send any updates and important information to your clients in digital form.

Do freelancers really need an email list though? Here is why you need to build an email list as a freelancer.

Freelancers need an email list

There are some reasons why freelancers need to build an email list from scratch.

Most freelancers follow ‘Rule of Seven’. Rule of Seven believes that people approximately need 7 interactions with you before actually buy your services.

People rarely contact you after visiting your website for the first time. Hence, you need to make them interest to revisit your web.

Think about the last time you bought a new product or service. How many times did you interact with the company before making a purchase?

This applies to you as well as a freelance business. People need to be aware of you, grow to like you, and trust you. To build that trust you can either make a nurture sequence of interaction via email.

As freelancers, you’re not always getting clients. This can be especially true if you are just starting out and haven’t yet built up a pipeline of clients.


You may have heard of the ‘feast and famine cycle’, this is particularly true for new freelancers.

During the famine time, you can promote your business through special offers. For instance, you can inform clients to have VIP discounts or a bonus bundle of hours or services that relate to each other.

Before starting to build an email list fast, you need to understand who your audience is known as a client avatar. You may conduct an audience survey to gain ideas for your business.

Learn more about client avatar here for your social selling strategy

social selling strategy

Their feedback can be used to offer products or services that suit their needs and preference. It means your products or services help to solve their problem.  

Building an email list can also help to create passive income streams. Passive income streams from products or courses you can offer.

With products and courses, you can make people trust you and strengthen your reputation as an expert. If they read your email regularly and become part of your tribe or community, they are possibly willing to join your paid program too.

Start learning here are 3 ways of generating a passive income with coaching.

Creating a list of emails from the beginning will make you easier to launch new information and have a regular conversation with your audience.

GDPR and growing your email list

When people want to build an email list nowadays, they will be aware of GDPR. GDPR is the abbreviation of General Data Protection Regulation, data protection carried out by European Union.

This regulation focus on keeping individual data remain private rather than shared it publicly. Although there are limitations, here tricks to build an email list from scratch in compliance with GDPR.

#1 Sign-Up Forms

Create a sign-up form with privacy protection and gives your potential clients information about what they will obtain. Add email sign-up so clients spot it during the checkout process.

Also, you can include popover forms on your website. You can use an email marketing software, like Get Response to put popup forms on your website.

Get a 30-day free trial with Get Response by clicking here and put a popup form on your website.

#2 Give Value

As people getting aware of GDPR, you need to give your audience both interesting content and value. This likely makes your audience prefer to join your email list.  

#3 Power Of Referrals

While testimonials can strengthen business reputation and attract new customers, making referrals helps to increase your subscribers too. Reassure your customers to inform their family and friends to know about your business.

Create an email list on Twitter

Twitter can be effectively used to increase email subscribers. People like this Twitter because

  • It is free
  • Not overrun with ads in the newsfeed
  • Gives good connectivity to big influencers

Influencers that you will want to be networking with to help you with your freelance business.

Learn what 3 strategies you need to grow your freelance business and get clients for the social media platform.

Get freelance clients from twitter

Want to build an email list fast using Twitter. The most important thing to do is creating a tweet that links into an opt-in page. However, you have to think about what people could expect when they join as subscribers.

Meaning that you have to show them clear evidence about what gifts or incentives can be obtained from joining. Put them on the Twitter header, Twitter bio, or everywhere people easily spot it.

Amy Porterfield is an excellent example of using Twitter headers to grow an email list.

build an email list

 A pinned tweet is quite effective to grow your email list. Present your business offer in a fun and unique way and pin it. As the tweet display permanently on your profile page, people will more easily click the link to join as subscribers. Plus, you don’t need to retweet that offers each day as it is always at the top of the page.

Twitter Analytics even can be used to help you discover the best tweets so far. This allows you to use the information to check your pinned tweet whether it already has effective persuasiveness.

In A Nutshell

Build an email list from scratch by advertising through social media helps you to get more sign-ups. Highlight the benefits of receiving regular emails by having conversations with people who fit your buyer avatar. But always when building your email list, state that you agree to GDPR.

Build an Email List Fast

If you want to build an email list fast without Twitter or any other social media platform, then use this quick framework to build an email list fast.

List Building Program

When using email marketing campaign, you should definitely build an email list fast and it’s so easy.  Believe it or not, this is the fastest method to reach your audience and start expanding it.  Here’s how

  • Create a Custom CTA
  • Create a Form
  • Create Pop-Ups
  • Ad Campaign Strategy
  • Giveaways

Customer CTA

Known as a “Call to Action”, CTA will direct your viewers to a specific content or page. Helping you to generate more leads on your email marketing strategy. 

Have it personalized based on your content and the things associated with it.  For instance, some experienced companies have used humorous and catchy phrases, as an alternative to the usual ones such as “Try it for free!”, “Please Subscribe”, “Sign Up” or “Click here!”. 

Create A Form

Creating a form on your web page is one of the simplest methods to collect email lists for your marketing campaign.  The content needs to be visible and persuasive.  Mainly, the reasons why users should give you their email— what will they get from it?  What’s in it for them?

Create Pop-Ups

Pop-up boxes are content that appear in front of the current page.  They usually lead to online conversions effectively.  Pop-up boxes can be advertisements, signup forms, etc.

Ad Campaign Strategy

Use social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.  This will pull out new customers to your site and then recommend them to sign up on your mailing list.


Another great method to encourage visitors to sign up to your email list is by giving free gifts, such as promo codes or discount codes, and many more.  So, as you offer a free item your viewer’s needs, they will willingly sign up with their email address for sure.

Examples of Content Upgrades

Currently, almost all business owners have started to create their own websites.  This is done to develop their mailing list with a wider content upgrade. 


Of course it takes time to create a custom content, but you can make it smaller, with a printable checklist, video description, or a case study.  Anything that adds value to an existing content. 

Therefore, don’t offer common items that your readers might want.  Offer something valuable and relevant that the reader will be sure to want.  Here are 3 examples freelancers can use potential clients will want.

Example #1 Case Study

Case studies are interesting because they allow customers to see how a theory applies by sharing stories of your company’s success by answering the “WHY’s” and “HOW’s” questions.

Example #2 Mini Video Training

Your potential clients have a problem that they need to be solved. As a freelancer you are solving the big problem. But clients have small problems that they need instant quick fixes to.

Video training leaves you telling clients that you are the expert in your niche by fixing the small problem and leaves them considering hiring you for the big problem.

Example #3 Checklist

Jot down all the important points of your strategy, make a perfect summary, and let your readers “copy paste” them.

Create Lead Magnets Using Canva

A lead magnet is a free content or service that you provide to potential customers to get their email address.  You have to build trust and prove it— Get attention, “lead magnet”, and Sell!

The lead magnet how to by using Canva design and templates:

  1. Get Started:
  2. Open your Canva account.  Choose a design/template. 
  3. Add items— title, page number, delete page, new page, text, uploads and downloads.           
  4. Create Header— clean and attractive head page. 
  5. Add Content under the “text tool” and “shape tool”. 
  6. Add “copyright” information— web name and year. 

Building Relationships With Email Marketing

Another important thing about email marketing is building relationships with your customers and also to increase your promotional strategy for the sake of increasing conversions.  So, to do this, make sure to add these things:

  • A thank you page
  • Statistics regarding your content
  • Video sales letter to influence viewers of your content

Welcome New Subscribers

With all of the above information, last but not least is to welcome your future subscribers. 

The welcome email is one of the most effective forms of building a relationship with your new clients.  Grab a copy of the swipe file to welcome new email subscribers with 5 plug and play templates.

Final Thoughts 

Email is still the most efficient online communication tool for various needs, especially in terms of marketing campaigns.  Every day, most people who are keen on online activities must take the time to check their emails.  Especially with smartphones, access to email is very easy. 

An email will continue to evolve in the future, people will increasingly use email to communicate online, send files, or store important files.  So, don’t skip the email list to promote your brand awareness and to recruit potential customers!

InfoGraphic - How To Get Your Emails Opened And Read

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  2. Thank you for reading my post Kalin. I have seen it done many times by the gurus, so I know its not just theory but works in practice when building your email list.

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  5. Thank you for reading the post Carolyn. Yes, the rule of 7 does apply. Just take a think back to when you last bought a product, how many times did you hear about that brand before you bought a thing from them. Good luck with growing your email list.

  6. Alison! this post is EVERYTHING. I know so many people who struggle with email lists. I know I was scared of it for a longggg time. I just started a second list, and definitely going to try out your email templates (HATE creating welcome sequences)and I think your twitter ideas are gold. Going to try those too. Thanks so much for sharing it.

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  8. This was so helpful. You really broke down the information well. Working on an email list has been on my to-do list for a while, but it was always pushed off because I wasn’t sure exactly what I needed to do. Now I feel confident enough to start working on it.

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