7 Brand awareness strategy ideas for freelancers wanting more clients

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Brand awareness strategy is essential for freelancers to grow their business. Freelancers who aren’t using a brand awareness strategy are losing out on clients. Losing out on potential sales and the income they can earn by freelancing. Here are the 7 brand awareness techniques you can use to how your freelance business.

  1. Referrals from clients
  2. Storytelling through guest blogging
  3. Awareness of what’s going on in your niche
  4. Attend local events with your target market in
  5. Infographics
  6. JV’s with freelancers
  7. Podcasting

On average, it takes 5 to 7 impressions for people to remember your brand. So when you make an effort to improve your brand awareness strategy, you can get your brand in front of your audience more times. More times putting your brand in front of your ideal clients so they are more likely to consume your content or even buy your freelance services.

Use the 7 ideas in this blog post and you’ll be able to make those essential impressions that people need before buying your freelance services.

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Referrals from clients

88% of consumers place trust in word of mouth recommendations from people in their network. Which is why getting referrals from clients is number 1 in a brand awareness strategy.

Your current client base is the first place you should be looking at when trying to increase your reach. Go to your existing or previous (but happy) clients and ask them for referrals. Simply tell them to mention your freelance business to anyone who could benefit from your services.

Offer a reward for any referrals made that resulted in a sale by offering a free gift or a discount on their next purchase with you. This offer will boost the client’s desire to refer people in their network to you.

Storytelling through guest blogging

Marketers have been using storytelling for years. They use storytelling as it helps the brand make a connection with their audience.

Publications are seeking guest blogs from experts in their niche to share a story about how they got a specific success in their niche. If you want to get seen in a publication that’s in your niche, pitch them a story. A compelling story that’ll help their audience.

When you do guest blogging as part of your brand awareness strategy you’ll attract a new audience to your business. Attracted as their interest in you is piqued when they read your story and want to learn more about you. As humans we naturally are nosey and want to learn more about people so which is why guest blogging’s fantastic for a brand awareness strategy.

Awareness of what’s going on in your niche

Do you know what’s going on in your niche right now? If not, get to know what’s going on. By getting to know what’s going on in your niche you can make comments about it. Commentary in your social media, blog, or emails. By doing this you position yourself as the expert in your niche and know exactly what’s going on.

Plus, when you do this you can make predictions about what you think will happen. Neil Patel makes predictions about what he thinks will happen in the SEO niche. This has caused him to expand his visibility as people do turn to him for his opinions on what will happen.

Attend local events with your target market in

Do you remember this? When there was life before Covid-19 and we could gather at events. Well with lockdown easing across the UK, it looks like this could become a possibility again. But if it doesn’t, go onto a platform such as Eventbrite for events in your niche and there will be one being held via a Zoom call.

Find an opportunity to attend one of these events (even if it’s virtually) to meet others in your niche. Meeting others in your niche will always give you the opportunity to expand your business’s visibility.


Infographics are brilliant for freelancers to use as it gives your target market information in a simple graphic. Infographics are used for link building as whenever you post an infographic with highly valuable content, other businesses will want to link to it.

Businesses want to link to the infographic without you ever having to pitch. Pitching the infographic to businesses without ending up with you just being ignored.

To start creating infographics, you can just use a free graphic design tool. The graphic design tool we love for our infographics is Canva. They have great templates available and are easy to customize for your branding whilst still looking professional.

JV’s with freelancers

Ever looked at your indirect competitors to increase your brand visibility? By partnering up with your indirect competitors you can increase your reach.

So what do I mean by indirect competitors? Indirect competitors are freelancers who sell a service to the same target market that you do. But what makes them interesting and valuable is that they are selling services that aren’t the same as yours.

For example, let’s say your an SEO freelancer who is helping people get more traffic to their website organically. You may want to partner with a freelancer who provides Instagram services. As those on Instagram have an aim of increasing their website traffic organically.

Therefore, if you start working together you can increase both of your brand visibility. Work together such as on a webinar, Facebook challenge, or just simply referring clients to each other. This works in both of your interests and works very well as it’s a form of marketing that has been done long before digital marketing.


Podcasts are becoming huge in generating brand awareness. Entrepreneurs are using podcasts to be able to reach their target market. Getting them on their email list to sell their products and services to later on.

More and more podcasts are being used by the host to interview experts on the topic that’s being discussed on the day’s show. When you bring on a guest (or even be a guest yourself on a podcast) you increase your audience reach. Therefore if you’re interested in starting a podcast (or being invited to be a guest) to increase your brand’s visibility, start networking with experts in your niche that you’d love to interview.

However, if you’re considering starting a podcast make sure that you find a gap in your niche. Make your podcast unique to what’s already out there. Watch the entrepreneurs already doing podcasts successfully in your niche and learn from them.

In A Nutshell,

Brand awareness strategy is essential for freelancers to grow their business. Freelancers who aren’t using a brand awareness strategy are losing out on clients. Losing out on potential sales and the income they can earn by freelancing. If you’re needing further help in growing your visibility online, join the 5-day e-course. In the e-course, you’ll learn how to grow your visibility online and attract clients to you instead of chasing them

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