4 must-read books before you start freelancing

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Struggling to choose the right business books from the huge selection out there is the reason why I’m sharing with you the top 4 books that have helped me start a freelance business and continue to grow it.

Each one of the books in this blog doesn’t contain any fluff, but they contain valuable actionable advice to help you start freelancing.

I’ve got to confess, I’m not much of a book lover.

Always struggled to read any book, they just make me fall asleep and then forget what I even read. So I was astonished to learn that by reading these 4 books, I’ve started to learn to love reading books.

Each of these 4 books in this blog post has kept me riveted from start to finish. To my surprise, none of these books are just filled with fluff.

Each one has taught me a lot about my freelance business and helped me to grow it substantially. I’d like to point out right now, I’m not an affiliate for any of these, I just genuinely think that they will help you with your freelance business.

She means business

She means business is by UK-based businesswoman Carrie Green. This book is basically about turning your ideas into a reality. Becoming a completely successful entrepreneur and freelancer.

Following Carrie’s journey starting the female entrepreneur association, what she learned along the way, and other people’s stories about starting a business. This book is a must-read for any woman (or man) thinking about starting a business or becoming a freelancer.

Carrie started a community called FEA (female entrepreneur association). Carrie’s a really amazing girl boss. When Carrie brought out this book she was in the sixth year of her business and was on fire.

This book is truly engaging that you have to read it in just one sitting. Carrie’s known to give a lot of information away. From her YouTube channel to her podcast, I was doubtful that there was anything else she could possibly add for a low price. I was oh so wrong!

From this business book, I learned even more and could add ideas to my own business instantly.

There are multiple reasons why I find this so amazing. It was one she was only on the sixth year of her business and it takes a lot of people like three to five years, just to make ends meet in their business. Carrie was able to skyrocket her business in her business and expanded even more.

There are a whole lot of great business tips from this book. Talking about entrepreneurship, being a girl boss, mindset, and actionable steps to take. Helping you exactly how to take action on everything. Carries explains it all in her book. After reading this book, I took serious action for my freelancing business, and wow, I got some serious results.

Takeaways from she means business

This book has inspired me and reignited a fire inside of me to keep working hard at my business. Carries story and other people’s stories inside of the book are a real inspiration and I could really resonate with a couple of people’s stories.


Anti-Sell is a book for freelancers who hate sales. By Steve Morgan, this book focuses on lead generation and networking tips for freelancers.

As a freelancer with a chronic illness, having a child, and trying to do work around it I have found that this book really was written for me and wish I found it at the start of my freelancing career.

Steve shares his story of how he struggles with having a child and chronic illness. Therefore, this is a book that I really do resonate with me.

Another reason why I love this book is that I hate sales. Give me social media any day and I will be happy chatting on there all day. Tell me to go to an event or pick up a phone and cold call a client, I’ll be a wreck.

If this sounds like you, then you’re going to love reading Steve’s stories as to how he overcomes this and uses the power of social media to get freelance clients.

Takeaways from Anti-Sell

If you hate sales and the idea of approaching people with a business card, this book is really good for you. This book gets you into the idea of how to find clients for your freelancing business in a non-salesy way.

This book has become my source of hope that I can be a great freelancer even with a chronic illness and a parent. Always felt that I was falling behind as a freelancer, but this has shown me I’m not alone in this struggle.

The ultimate sales letter

Ultimate sales letter is by business coach Dan Kennedy.

write sales copy books for freelancers

Dan Kennedy is amazing in the way he writes. Dan’s gets straight to the point and just gives you really quality strategies.

If you’re trying to generate more sales and more income you need to write really powerful words for social media posts or a sales letter.

Takeaways from ultimate sales letter

The art of writing compelling copy is when you consider the customer’s pains and frustrations. If you can actually write a very powerful sales letter that makes people take action, then you’re onto a winner.

With this book by Dan Kennedy, you’ll learn how to write a powerful sales letter. Looking at everything it takes to write one winning sales is life-changing.

This is a worthy skill to try and master and learn as well so I highly recommend this book.

social media content planner

Expert secrets

Expert secrets is by Russell Brunson who’s the founder of Clickfunnels.

expert secrets books for freelancers

This book is basically about building an audience. This book from the start feels like an advertisement for his main company Clickfunnels.

But if you get past this there is quite a lot of useful information on how to build your audience and become true followers of yours.

Takeaways from expert secrets

After reading Expert Secrets, I truly learned what it meant to ‘build your tribe’ and find your one true fan which I keep hearing a lot of business coaches say.

Expert Secrets doesn’t keep telling you to build your tribe. Instead, it teaches you how to build that following and keep them following you.

In A Nutshell,

These 4 books I have chosen to point have been helpful in building a freelance business in very different ways. Mindset, writing sales copy, marketing your freelance business, and building your own tribe. Each of these books is very useful for freelancers who are just starting out. In the future, I will be reading more books to help build a successful online business, share with you the findings and results.

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