Are Bluehost SEO tools worth it? Uncovering the truth

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Are BlueHost SEO tools worth it? You may be considering starting a website to build a business that makes you money and fits your lifestyle. Building a website on BlueHost is a great first step to make, but should you get their SEO tools or go to some other supplier of SEO tools? We’ll be uncovering the truth right here.

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What are BlueHost SEO tools?

BlueHost created a feature for their customers who buy a website from them, this is their SEO tool.

With their SEO tools, you get an action plan. With your action plan, you’ll get specific tasks that you need to do in order to improve your SEO.

You’ll find these in your dashboard when you buy their SEO tools.

bluehost seo tools dashboard

Do you need SEO tools?

Well, let’s look at this question in a different way. Do you want your website to appear on the first page of search engines and make you money?

Then, it’s a great big fat yes, you do need SEO tools.

But which SEO tools you need comes down to what you need and your budget.

Do you want to be found online only or do you want to be found in your local area?

Is your budget unlimited or do you have a shoestring budget? No shame if you’re living on a shoestring budget, we’ve all been there. It’s just about being resourceful and finding the right resources at your disposal.

Yes, there are some free SEO tools out there.

BlueHost tools aren’t free but if you can put the money in then yes they are very helpful to have. But BlueHost’s tools aren’t the only ones you should be looking at.

Yoast SEO is another top SEO tool that you should be paying attention to. Plus there is a free plan as well as a premium plan.

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