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5 Best blogging sites | Start blogging in 2022

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Make money passively whilst you sleep with these best blogging sites for new bloggers who don’t have an audience.

You may be put off starting a blog with not having an audience or thinking about what money you need to put in first.

Each of these best blogging sites is for all different situations and how you can leverage the platform to make money.

Go through these 5 blogging sites and you’ll realize that this is not the case.

5 Best blogging sites


Some of these blogging sites include free options, a micro blog option, and a method to get paid blogging.

Check out each one so you know which one to do for your circumstances.

Starting a WordPress blog

WordPress is undoubtedly the number 1 choice people go for when starting a blog.

There are an estimated 64 million websites currently using WordPress.

But WordPress is not limited to just creating a blog.

With a WordPress site, you can create an eCommerce site or a site selling services.

If you just want to be a blogger and sell digital products you can do this too.

WordPress sites have 2 options either paid or free.

Free WordPress hosting

With the free option, you simply sign up at WordPress.org.

When you sign up, you get some basic features where you can create and publish blog posts.

As this is just a free option to create a WordPress site, there are many limitations with it including

  • Slow speed
  • Poor SEO
  • Targeting for hackers and spammers

The free option for WordPress is if you want to try out blogging and see if it’s something you can do.

You don’t want to spend your time and money creating a website to find that you just hate blogging.

Want to dabble into the whole blogging world?

A free WordPress site is where you should start.

If after a few months, you’re publishing work, getting back great feedback, and decide you want to take up blogging full time then upgrade to a paid WordPress site.

Paid WordPress hosting

You’ve created a few blogs and decided that you want to try giving blogging a real go in generating a passive income.

Now time you upgrade your WordPress site to paid hosting.

Here are a few of the benefits you get when you upgrade your site.

  • Faster speed
  • Improved performance
  • Support in running your WordPress site
  • Security from those hackers
  • Backup of your content

Plus there are many other benefits to using a managed WordPress hosting service.

Check out our guide here on how you can build your own WordPress website.

Become a blogger on Medium

If you’ve not heard of Medium, here’s a quick introduction to the platform for you.

Medium is an online publication where anyone can write and publish their own stories.

You don’t need to pay for any subscriptions or hosting to use the platform.

Writers who use Medium to publish their work get paid revenue from the amount of time your work is being read.

Medium makes money themselves by charging a monthly subscription to their readers.

Therefore they are giving you a small percentage of that money when your stories are being read.

But there is a huge drawback of using Medium as your blogging platform.

You cannot use affiliate links in your stories.

If you were wanting to make money using affiliate marketing, don’t use Medium.

Although there is a way you can get around this.

To still use affiliate marketing in Medium, you can link to another piece of content that contains your affiliate link.

But that means your having to create content on more than one platform, which could be overwhelming if you’re new to blogging.

However, if you don’t want to use affiliate marketing in your blogging business, then yes you could still make a healthy income using Medium.

Create stories for the platform, build an audience that is interested in the topic, and make money from their read time.

LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse may not be the first place where you think of to start making money with blogging.

If you’re audience is on LinkedIn and have products you can promote on articles then you can make money with LinkedIn.

People on LinkedIn are in their business mindset and care about issues that are affecting their business right now.

Got an opinion on a particular issue, you can use LinkedIn Pulse to express your opinion.

How to make money with LinkedIn Pulse

Articles that you create on LinkedIn Pulse can drive traffic to a landing page of your choice.

Take a look at the landing page and how it can help the audience.

Create content pillars that relate to the product on the landing page.

Next, write articles for LinkedIn Pulse that really hook people and express your opinion.

Then as a call to action in the article, you can leave a link to buy a product or get in touch with you.

This link can be an affiliate link, a landing page that builds your email list, or direct to your blog.

Guest blogging

Guest blogging increases your audience size straight away.

With guest blogging you’re posting a blog on someone else established website to their audience who may not have known about your before.

How to get started with guest blogging

To get started with guest blogging, you need to create a landing page for the product you want to promote and make a list of blogs that are indirect competitors.

Your indirect competitors are your best places to be doing guest blogs as the audience has expressed an interest in your topic and you’re not directly competing with that site owner.

As you’re getting started with guest blogging, you want to pitch your guest blog ideas to relatively new blogs.

These blogs want the content as they are trying to grow their website.

They don’t have the same amount of content as the more established blogs out there.

Find new blogs by going on Twitter and looking at the blogging community to see if there are any blogs in the community that are indirect competitors.

Build a relationship with that blog owner and pitch your guest blog idea.

This is an easy way to get started with guest blogging.

As your portfolio of guest blogs increases, you can start getting onto more established blogs on the web.

Microblogging on Instagram

Microblogging on Instagram is rising in popularity as it gives short blogs to their audience on Instagram.

How does microblogging on Instagram make money?

On Instagram, your bio is focused on a specific niche and links to 1 specific product or link tree.

To make money using microblogging on Instagram, you want to share relevant useful tips, advice, and react to the news on that specific niche.

Your individual microblogs on Instagram don’t have to be pushing the product but be relevant to the niche.

Look at your microblogs as your opportunity to build your audience and gain their trust.

Just having an Instagram account is not enough in the customer journey.

To really monetize your Instagram account you don’t want to put a link to your affiliate product in your bio but a link to your landing page so that you can build your email list.

You don’t own your Instagram audience

You don’t own your Instagram audience is something you always need to remember.

What you do own is your email list which is why you should be sending your Instagram audience to your landing page where they’re signing up for your email list.

Then you send out an email sequence (also known as an autoresponder) that sells your affiliate product or your own product.

In A Nutshell,

There you have the best blogging sites that make money. With these 5 best blogging sites, you can choose which is best for your business model. Whether you want to sell your own products or make money with affiliate marketing, choosing any of these blogging sites will make you money.

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