Blogging for Business | 3 Hacks You Should Know In 2024

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Blogging for business does work for freelancers. Whether you have your own website, adding articles to LinkedIn pulse, or sharing stories on Medium they all work as lead generating machines. Use these 3 hacks to use blogs in your freelance business to generate high-quality leads.

Blogging and creating content upgrades is an incredibly useful tool to increase traffic to your website and to your freelance services. With the help of SEO strategies like keywords, titles, meta descriptions, and blog posts become a powerful tool for gaining visibility for your brand.

Whether you blog on your own website, on LinkedIn Pulse, or on Medium. Blogging for business is really powerful for freelancers to get leads. Leads that are genuinely interested in you and working with you in some way. Whether using your freelance services or even being coached by you.

Blogging for business is an extremely powerful tool that freelancers should be using to generate leads.

3 Hacks to Blogging for Business

Sprinkle CTA’s Throughout Your Blog

If you’ve got someone reading your blog who could be seriously interested in using your freelance services, then they don’t know how to unless you tell them. You may be looking at your website thinking it’s obvious, but that’s the trouble you’re looking through your eyes not the clients eyes.

They could be just thinking that you have a blog to give information on a specific problem you’re passionate about. Monetizing your blog through

  • Ads
  • Affiliate Links
  • Digital Products

So you need to sprinkle call to actions throughout your blog so people know exactly how they can start working with you.

Start sprinkling the call to actions at the start of your blog after the introduction. Another time inside the conclusion and a couple of times throughout the body of the blog. Whenever you’re sprinkling the call to actions, it needs to make sense.

Making sense of the keywords that the call to action is linked too. For instance, if you specialize in creating Instagram graphics but your call to action is linked to the keyword ‘Instagram hashtag research’, it just doesn’t make sense. When someone sees a keyword with a clickable link the two things need to connect.

So sprinkle call to actions throughout your blog so you collect leads wherever it makes sense to do so. When it doesn’t make sense you will just confuse the potential lead. Don’t confuse people, always make sense throughout your blog when collecting leads.

Offer Content Upgrades To Entice Readers

Content upgrades are commonly used in blogs. These are pieces of content that help the reader further solve the problem. This is done by bloggers in exchange for an email address. As a freelancer, you can use content upgrades like eBooks or cheat sheets in exchange for an email address so they become a lead to sell your services.

Embrace Pop-Ups

Pop-ups are valuable in collecting leads. The average conversion rate of pop-ups is 3.09% and the top-performing ones are 28%. We use a tool that optimizes the pop-ups for desktop and mobile.

Being optimized for mobile is so important as more people are looking at websites whilst on their smartphone or tablet whether at home, in a cafe, or commuting. So adding pop ups to your blog is so important. When you add a pop up you’ll get more leads from people who are genuinely interested in your business.

Just make sure that you offer a content upgrade or lead magnet so that people do put their email address in the popup.

Do Pop-Ups Still Work?

You see popups all over the web. But you know what, I bet you hate them. So do popups still work?

Yes, popups still work. People wouldn’t keep popups on the site unless it was converting. When freelancers look at the popup stats and the open rates for the follow-up emails they see that their popup is working.

If you’re going to use popups, wait for website visitors to be on the site for at least 20-30 seconds. Also right before they’re going to leave, that’s when to show them a popup. In essence, it’s the last dish effort to get them to put in their name or email or buy something.

Popups still work if you use them upon someone leaving your website. That’s called exit intent. Exit-intent is when someone’s leaving, that’s when you show them a popup. There are lots of different types of popups, just add a popup to your website then test to see which works best for your freelance business.

Using Exit Intent Popups In Your Blog

In your last ditch effort to get email subscribers, have a compelling offer. Now, if you’re going to create a popup, don’t just create something that says, “Subscribe to my newsletter,” or, “Buy now.” You have to do something that gives value.

Someone’s leaving your website because they didn’t get what they’re looking for. So if you don’t give them something that’s really valuable, you’re not going to get them to convert. Whether it’s an eBook or a guide, or a PDF, or a white paper, it has to be something of value.

Think about what your visitors want that you’re not providing, and consider providing that in the exit popup, and you’ll notice that you’ll get more sales. Don’t show them when someone first comes to your website. Only show when someone’s leaving your website. That’s how you don’t hurt your Google rankings, and at the same time, you can get more conversions.


Blogging for business does work for freelancers. Whether you have your own website, adding articles to LinkedIn Pulse, or sharing stories on Medium they all work as lead generating machines.

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