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If you’re on Instagram, check out these best hashtag generator tools that’ll get your posts seen. When you have a business of any size or type, you need to get seen. That’s why people are rushing over to Instagram for visibility and brand awareness.

Not convinced? Here are some Instagram statistics from Facebook to think about.

  • 83% of consumers are using Instagram to discover new products
  • 81% of consumers use Instagram to research products
  • 80% of consumers use Instagram for final buying decision-making

These statistics just go to show that by being on Instagram, you can drive sales. Unless you’re going to pay for ads, your posts don’t get seen. Don’t get seen unless you use Instagram hashtag tools to find the best hashtags for your products.

To save yourself time endlessly searching for the best tools for your Instagram account, we’ve listed 7 of the best tools there are. With some of these tools, you can do other things like:

  • Create 
  • Schedule
  • Post

There are a range of paid tools as well as free hashtag generators in this list. So go ahead and check them out.

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7 Best Hashtag Generator Tools To Get Your Posts Seen

Hashtag generator tools can help you generate and compare relevant hashtags for your social media posts. Check out our list of 7 best hashtag generator tools.

All Hashtag

All hashtag

Save a lot of time, effort and achieve the best results out of your posts with All hashtag All hashtag works by giving you the top hashtags based off your keyword. You can filter your results by:

  • Top hashtags
  • Random (but relevant to your keyword)
  • Similar

This free hashtag generator tool is a great option for businesses. Businesses that are on Instagram and want better hashtags to generate sales.


  • Searches for the best hashtags on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for your keyword
  • Lists live, random, and top hashtags to use
  • Create your own hashtags
  • Analytics to find out the popularity and rankings of hashtags 
  • Top hashtags of the day, week, or month


  • Free

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Ritetag is an interesting hashtag generator tool for social media. 

To use this free tool, add the Google extension, create a post on social media, copy and paste the text or upload the image, and the tool will give you hashtags to be using. Using this tool, I’m unimpressed with the amount of hashtag suggestions and relevance. Instagram themselves say that hashtags you use must be relevant to the content.

However, if you’re just looking for some inspiration about the core hashtags to target, try this extension. Just make sure you do a bit more hashtag research yourself before finalising your post. However, if you do want better hashtag suggestions Ritely there’s a premium version. Here’s what you get with the paid version of this hashtag tool.


  • Generate hashtags for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Buffer, Twitter, and Hootsuite
  • Compare hashtags
  • Mobile app for Android and iOS
  • Research and save your hashtags
  • Integration with Facebook Creator Studio


  • Ritely premium hashtag generator $49 per year

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Tailwind App

Tailwind app

A firm favourite for social media content creators who are mainly on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. This is not just a Instagram hashtags generator tool, but it also helps you to

  • Design posts
  • Schedule posts
  • Generate hashtags

Another useful aspect of this tool that sets itself apart from the rest is its resources. Tailwinds resources include training, so you make the most out of your social media strategy. There are now new updates, including a feature called ‘co-pilot’. With co-pilot, Tailwind gives you content ideas. So if you struggle with content ideas, Tailwind app will help you out.

Another feature Taillwind has added is email marketing. The email marketing feature is an AI tool that writes your subject lines for you. This feature would be useful in creating your posts headline.


  • Planning ‘Co-pilot’
  • Create
  • Schedule
  • Optimise (, hashtag finder, communities, analytics)
  • Email


  • Free forever
  • Pro $12.99 monthly
  • Advanced $19.99 monthly
  • Max $39.99 monthly

Learn more about the pricing and what you get for your money by hitting the button.

Useful Resources

Tags Finder

Don’t know which hashtag to use? Use Tags Finder hashtags generator top find the top 30 based on your keywords.

Tags Finder

Features of Tags Finder is:

  • Related Hashtags
  • Local Hashtags
  • Hashtag Statistics

Tags Finder is completely free for you to be using. Just get started by clicking the button below and start finding your Instagram hashtag.

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Achieve more visibility and followers with the Sistrix app.

Features included

  • 25 searches a day
  • Best 30 tags for each search
  • Additional succestions for your search

Sistrix is completely free to use. Additionally, in their vast catalogue is a wide range of SEO tools. Ultimately, Sistrix is more than a hashtag tool for Instagram, they’re SEO experts. As SEO experts, they give you better hashtags that you should be targeting in your marketing strategy.

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Kicksta’s Instagram hashtag generator helps you to increase your brand’s reach on the platform!

Kicksta best hashtag generator

To use Kicksta for free you need to enter your email address. From there they’ll give you for free

  • Hashtags for your search keyword
  • Related keywords

The tool is completely free to use after you’ve given them your email address. After using it, I’ve not found it to be one of the best and doesn’t give you much. But the tool is there for you to be enticed into buying their ‘Growth plan’.

Try Kicksta out for yourself and see if it’s right for you.

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A tool that Flick is a tool manages both hashtags and Instagram analytics.

Flick best hashtag generator
  • Hashtag suggestions
  • Tracking the performance of the hashtags
  • Scheduling your Instagram posts

Flick has a 7-day free trial and then costs £7 per month.

Flick Pricing

Flick only uses the latest hashtag data and doesn’t use any underhand tactics. All to get you the best results for your money.

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Instagram hashtag generator are useful tools to help you decide what hashtags you should be using. These hashtag generators use either your keyword or content along with AI to decide which hashtags are right for you.

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