About Alison

About Alison

Teaching women how to start their own freelance business and get the leads they need to grow a thriving freelance business from scratch

Hi, I'm Alison

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Today, I am a full time freelancer earning a full time income since 2010. Additionally, I share my stories, tools and tips so you can build your own successful freelance business from scratch. 

But like anyone else, this success did not come to me easily.

Read on to learn more about how I got started freelancing

Where it all began

Back in 2009, I was a young woman starting my career as an admin assistant for a travel agency. 

When it came time for appraisals, I stated that I wanted to progress my career. 

Rejected and told to stay where I am at the bottom of the career ladder.

I rejected that idea!

Sat in a coffee shop on my lunchbreak, I decided that I needed to force the change. That afternoon I handed in my notice and started working out what I can do next.

Making The Change

Making the change I retrained in a specific marketable skill and did my Batchelors degree. 

During this time, instead of partying with friends, I built connections, did voluntary work (as a consultant) and just kept on gaining as much experience as possible.

Left Confident ... But Now A Mum

Shortly after graduating and trying to start a career, I soon became a mum. Even though this should be a time of joy, I quickly became a single mum (within a month) as the relationship completely broke down. Plus, I had zero help from the Dad or my own family. To add the cherry on top of the icecream, I also have MS (a chronic illness) to combat daily.

As you can start to see, things were looking really really bad for me an my baby. 

But I planned my future freelance business when I can whilst rebuilding my life.

Baby now In nursery

Woohoo! My child not 3 years old could go to nursery. This is when I went all in on my freelance business and putting the planning into action.

Went back networking and learning about my ideal clients. 

Doing this, I learned about what is happening right now with them and how I could serve them best.


I got my first client from a Facebook group. I was a group aimed at entrepreneurs in my local town.

I put myself out there, saying who I was and my Facebook page. Additionally, I was active in that group and taking part in conversations. 

That’s how the owner of the Facebook group noticed me, reached out to me and asked me if I could help him.

This first client was back in 2014 and from there my freelance business has grown so I never need to go back to employment.

Take your next steps to start your own freelance business from scratch…

Next Steps...

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